Car headlights use knowledge, headlights, and water to burn out filament

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Car lights are like Car the eye, whether it is daytime or night, it plays a role, but because it is mainly glass electronics, it is also relatively delicate, if the use of improper maintenance, it will reduce the life of car lights, a series of failures, therefore, the knowledge of the use of car lights, can better use the lights, So as to ensure the safety of driving. Let's let it go FAW TOYOTA Dealers Cai Zhiwei, a senior after-sale technician, tells us something about it.

why.PART1 car lights fail

Master Cai told the reporter, except for the normal life reason of the car lights, the problems of the car lights are generally related to the quality of the lights, and the other is related to the illegal modification. The main lamp is the most afraid of the water, if the car light seal is not good, it is easy to have water vapor, filament and so on, so it is easy to burn, and the reflector is easy to change color, so the light after the failure is a problem.


When the owner of the car is driving in the morning, if the lamp is found to have a fog, after it is erased, open the lamp and if the fog disappears in 40 minutes, there is not a big problem, and if the fog is still in the light after an hour, it shows the problem of the car's lamp seal. There will be problems with the headlights. First of all, they are related to quality and installation. If there is a problem in the maintenance process of the headlights and the coordination between the different procedures is not good enough, there may be a bad sealing condition.

how.PART2 avoids the failure of car lights

Cai said that in order to avoid abnormal faults, we should pay attention to the usual usage. First of all, the car lights can not be in the water, when the car is driving, the splashed water in the front will not have any effect on the lamp, but if the car is opened to the front of the car, the car covers the engine and the lamp with a water pressure gun. Then the lamp is very easy to enter the water at this time. FAW TOYOTA when some manufacturers stipulate that car washing can only be done with cloth, the engine can not be washed with water. Because the plastic used for fixing the position of the lamp is only dust-proof, but not waterproof.


the best use of the original lamp parts of the car lights, illegal modification of the lights may be melting, bursting, reflection is not the case. In the process of installing the headlights, TOYOTA could not use the hand to touch the bulb because if the sweat stains were left on the headlights, the lights might burst. In addition, when the lights are changed, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the original car, for example, the number of tiles specified in the lamp, the use of the hernia lamp or halogen lamp, the light into the fog is still easier to distinguish, and other circumstances should be quickly overhauled. Nowadays, there are many electronic components used in headlights, and many high-voltage electricity are used, so we should be careful about the voltage of the headlights when refitting.

PART3 car owner how to self check the fault of the car

if the car owner feels that the lamp is not very suitable or not ideal when used, it is best to go.4S store Repair or debug. The high beam does not have the function of concentrating, and the low light lamp has the function of concentrating, but the high beam does not mean that the higher the better. 4S shop in the car maintenance is mainly to see the brightness of the lights, the height is normal, there is no water, there is no burst and other conditions, car lights in the maintenance process is still very easy to identify the problem. If the owner wants to distinguish whether there are any problems with the car lights, it mainly depends on the intensity of the headlights, whether there is spotlight, whether there is water or not.

Master Cai told reporters that, in general, the lights are dark, no light, water, dust and other conditions for many owners are indifferent, at all, will not be in charge of the general four or five years after the owner is not how to manage, unless said that the year can not be passed. Under such circumstances, some owners will choose to return to 4S shop to repair cars. But this is not appropriate, because the problem of car lights, regardless of size will cause a certain threat to the safety of traffic, therefore, whether or not annual inspection, as long as the car lights have a situation, it is necessary to return to the factory in time to check and repair.


there will be no problem in the quality of the original parts of the factory, and vice factory may have various problems. For the 4S store, the way to distinguish the original or the auxiliary parts is not much. In general, the original factory is confident in the quality, so the sale date will not be posted, and the auxiliary factory will have the date of sale to determine the time of warranty. Another way to distinguish is to see the clarity of the relevant logo.

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