4S shop loves you, is not easy to repairman explosion 5 big screen

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-20

The accessories that can be repaired are not allowed to change, the accessories of the auxiliary factory give you to you, the engine has the trouble to repair the gearbox … … these, in the small bright eyes from the 4S store, are not the black screen at all, because of the “ many 4S stores have done this kind of thing ”.

as for the sugar in the lubricating oil Riga, let you have a good engine to hold the tile, which is even the black heart of the repairman. More individual repairman, “ dare to add alcohol &rdquo to the brake oil; only to earn a little money to repair the gearbox, which is called the “ it is hard to be punished by the scourge ”

after doing several years of technician in 4S shop, Xiaoliang tells the black curtain, which is to make the owner &ldquo and polish her eyes &rdquo.

the shady one is loaded with old cars to new cars.

“ like Mr. Yuan's car, the well sealed circuit board, although it is very dirty outside, actually opens to see nothing, and the maintenance worker has repeatedly agitated and replaced. This is the most common black curtain in the maintenance. ” in the process of vehicle maintenance, some 4S shops use car owners not to know the lines, allowing owners to change parts. Xiao Liang said that parts of the car, in addition to a part of the molding can not be repaired (such as the three filters on the car), a lot of other parts can be repaired, but many auto workers do not consider the dismantling of the parts, so the owners often have to spend a few times the wrong money.

during the interview, Mr. Shen, director of the maintenance department of a car sales company, said that the replacement parts were for the sake of customers. For example, Mr. Yuan's repair list is “ the middle cylinder assembly ” because there are scratches inside, “ it will burn oil, so we have to change &rdquo here. But the light explanation is: “ because the income of the 4S store maintenance department is hooked to the charge, the more the parts are changed, the greater the amount, the higher they can extract. ” “ the owner wants to change parts, and it doesn't necessarily change to good things. It is not entirely a roadside shop's business to pretend to be a factory accessory by sub factory parts. Some 4S stores also dare to use it. ”

Xiaoliang suggested that when the car owners changed their parts in the maintenance shop or 4S shop, they would ask the maintenance station to put forward their own requirements, that is, old parts recycling. The owner can also check the new parts and check the list of auto parts. The car owner is very important for the recycling of the old parts. On the one hand, it can be used to reclaim the old parts to prevent the car staff from taking your old parts as new parts of the other vehicles. In addition, it can also leave evidence for your future rights.

shady two headache and water temperature Gao Xiu for 9 months.

When Xiao Liang was working in the 4S shop, he had heard of a maintenance worker's “ the classic case ” a Mr. Luo's car had a high water temperature and an oil lamp alarm, and he went to a 4S store. But 9 months later, the maintenance cost has accumulated to more than ten million yuan, but the other side still can not guarantee the repair of the car.

for the first time, the other said that the engine should be overhauled and repaired for 3 months. The owner paid 60 thousand yuan for overhaul. But just drove back, the same day the same trouble occurred on the same day. The owner had to send the car to 4S shop again. This time he switched to an electronic fan and a circulating pump. A month later, the car broke down again, and entered the 4S store for the third time. This shop says that the crankshaft is broken, and it needs more than 20 thousand yuan to replace it. The owner said he would not pay the money, and the other party would turn it into a crankshaft. It can be repaired for half a month, 4S shop said, not only crankshaft, but more importantly, your cylinder head is broken, so it's good to replace the new cylinder head. Of course, the truck will pay 60 thousand yuan for the cylinder head.

this annoys the owner. He says payment can be made, but the shopkeeper makes a guarantee, &ldquo, to ensure that there is no longer the same fault in certain period. &rdquo, this request was rejected by the customer manager. He said that the quality of the new cylinder head could only be guaranteed, and the failure could not be completely eliminated. There are only two possibilities to analyze this kind of thing. One is that the repairman can't see where the trouble is, but it may seem almost impossible in the bright light. “ many of the masters in the 4S store have two brushes, but they are skewing. ”

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