Auto tire inspection method 6 points for attention

Category:Tire maintenance - Date:2018-04-19

Car “ foot ” normally always serve the master, but the key part is the most vulnerable to “ cold ” today we will teach you some of the precautions of self test tires.

Has your car tire been tied? If so, how long ago was it? In fact, for the vehicle that has finished the tire, even if it is temporarily used, there will be no problem in the limit load. In addition, if you have more than 3 holes in the same tyre, you should change the tire as soon as possible.

Drum package:

When the car passes the pits, obstacles and road edges at high speed, the part of the tire will be severely deformed under the huge impact force, and the internal pressure will increase instantaneously. The direct consequence is the tying of the tyres. Bulging tires must be replaced immediately, otherwise there will be a risk of blowout.

generally speaking, the normal use of family cars can change the tire once every 60 thousand kilometers or two years, but the tire with serious wear patterns should be replaced earlier. Today's repair shops have pattern wear scales, owners can buy one, at any time to detect tire wear pattern. In addition, the increase of tread cracks is also a sign of serious aging of the tire. Usually, the owner can properly spray some tire protection wax, and try not to press the corrosive liquid when driving.

Air pressure:

for the front drive, the front wheels sometimes look a bit flat due to the important driving parts of the engine and gearbox on the front part. Visual inspection is not accurate. It is necessary to use a special tire pressure gauge to measure whether the tire pressure is normal.

Some owners often hear the sound of their car when they are driving, but there is no trouble when driving, and you have to check if there is a small stone card in the tire pattern. In fact, you can only solve these small stones out of the tread by simply using time to use your keys.

Spare tire:

in order to have a real emergency effect on spare tire, attention should also be paid to its maintenance at ordinary times. First of all, we should check the air pressure of spare tire regularly; secondly, we should pay attention to prevent oil corrosion, spare tire and rubber products. In the end, the life of the spare tire is about 4 years, and many owners mistakenly believe that the spare tire is new. In fact, even if the spare tire is not used once in 4 years, the spare tire will be replaced, otherwise the spare tire will become a waste tire.

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