The maintenance cost is high or the maintenance cycle is not suitable for three situations

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-19

If your maintenance costs exceed the standard

It is usually caused by three cases.

1. now the price war of new cars continues,4S store Selling cars has been a small profit or even no profit, after sale service become an important source of profit, in maintenance, the staff always try to encourage you to replace some of the spare parts that have not been used in advance, or to do various maintenance projects, such as cleaning the oil road, cleaning spark plug and so on;

the usual driving habits of.2. are not good, or the conditions of use are especially bad, such as the frequent running of construction sites. After the inspection of the 4S store, it is found that the maintenance period should be shortened, or some parts need to be replaced in advance.

3. is particularly fond of vehicles and is willing to drink better synthetic oil. The price of synthetic oil is usually two or three times higher than that of common mineral oil.

unauthorized shortening or prolonging of maintenance cycle has serious consequences.

when to carry out maintenance and maintenance, what kind of inspection should be done, what parts to replace and different ones. Vehicle model The provisions are not the same. We suggest that after you buy a new car, you'd better read the owner's manual carefully, which has a detailed description of how to maintain the vehicle.

We consulted a number of people. Car The manufacturer's engineer learned that the maintenance cycle on the owner's manual was made by the automobile manufacturers on the basis of the engine design and after a long test, and the actual situation of road traffic and environment in China has been fully taken into account.

If you normally drive normally, the section of the line is not a place where the road is poor and the dust is big, so you can do the maintenance according to the instructions on the owner's manual. Unauthorized shortening of maintenance intervals and replacement of spare parts ahead of time, in addition to wasting money, has no additional benefits for vehicles.

of course, you can't lengthen the maintenance interval to save money. This may lead to small losses and unnecessary damage to vehicles. Some brands even stipulate that quality assurance is no longer provided once there is a maintenance interval exceeding 1 kilometres of the required mileage. In addition, in the warranty period, the owner of the car to the 4S shop to do the best maintenance, otherwise the vehicle has a problem, the manufacturer will not be in the authorization of the 4S shop to do maintenance, refusing to provide warranty service.

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