Does it need a hot car to drive in the cold morning?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-19

Reader Xu asks, "now the weather is cool. Do you want a hot car in the morning, and some friends around me think it should be hot when you start the car in the morning, otherwise, the engine is damaged." But there are friends who say that cars are now electronic fuel injection vehicles, which do not need hot cars. Who is it to believe in?

answer: no matter what vehicle, the idle hot car before the start is supposed to be beneficial. In particular, when the temperature is getting lower and lower, if one starts to start, the lubricating oil in the engine can not form the oil film for normal lubrication, and it does cause serious wear to the engine. Therefore, a two or three minute hot car can lighten the engine load on the one hand and improve the lubrication conditions and fuel burning conditions on the other hand.

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