Car maintenance should be meticulous carpet, do not put in water immersion

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-19

Detail one: dashboard cleaning needs meticulous

Car A very important part of the interior is the dashboard that each driver will face directly. Its cleanliness will directly affect the visual perception of the vehicle's overall effect on the internal environment of the car.

A little attention to the dashboard will find that there are few parts that can be cleaned only with a rag and sponges, where the trench ridge is required to use “ a special tool ” in this case, the &ldquo, a special tool, &rdquo, can be used to use the head of a variety of different thickness of a piece of wood or a ruler. The Department has been repaired into a different style of oblique triangle, rectangle, or sharp shape. It is ideal to wrap it in a clean rag and clean the ditch. It not only improves the cleaning effect, but also does not cause damage to the cleaning part.

Detail two: the washing carpet depends on the skill

The most dirty in the car is the carpet. If you use the vacuum cleaner with the hair brush head, it can make the dirty carpet look less dirty. For a more dirty carpet, special detergent is needed. In general, before using the detergent before the above two dedusting work, and then spray a proper amount of detergent, brush clean with a brush, and finally use a clean cloth to remove the excess detergent.

The most important thing to note is that the carpet is not completely immersed in water and brushing. On the one hand, it will destroy the bonding of several different layers of material inside the carpet, on the other hand, the carpet will not be dry in a long time and affect the use effect and cause the humid inside of the car.

Detail three: exhaust the brake system

the inspection of brake system is focused on the amount of brake fluid, and whether the reference line of the receiver can be reached. The brake fluid is much more likely to fail when compared with the previous inspection. The leakage of the brake pipeline also needs to be paid close attention to. The clutch is equipped with the hand - row car. It also needs to pay attention to the liquid quantity. If the liquid is reduced to the air, it can not brake. Therefore, the most important thing to maintain the brake system is brake fluid. If the liquid volume is insufficient, the air will enter, and the brake will become insensitive. In addition, check the clutch, try to step on the pedal, check the intermittent points, contact bad or deviate accurately, and need to be repaired.

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