Ten major tips for safe parking: open parking and balcony away from balcony

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-19

Now there are more and more vehicles on the road. In addition to the traffic jam, there are more rules and more chaos to make such chaotic traffic more chaotic. Today, Xiaobian will provide you with a few tips on parking, so that you can better protect your car.

1, stop in the line of sight of security

Parking in the community, especially in a strange area, as far as possible to stop in the line of sight of the security, in order to reduce the risk of malicious scratch, especially in the property management is not very strict.

2, outdoor parking far away from the balcony

individual occupants may throw objects at high altitude, such as spitting and cigarette butts, not only unhygienic, but also hard holes will be thrown on the roof.

Moreover, in the wind and rain days, the wall of the old building, the iron railing on the balcony, hanging objects, flowerpots and so on are likely to fall down. Therefore, the best choice to stop the parking space is to stay away from the balcony.

3, parking is not occupied by other people's parking space

Parking in other people's parking space or blocking other people's passageway, not only to bring inconvenience to others, but also may cause the other party's anger and malicious destruction of your vehicle.

similarly, do not stop vehicles on the roadside. They may be posted tickets. If they are towed, they will cause damage to vehicles.

4, the left door is close to the column

The underground parking space is usually a few parking places in the middle of the two columns. In the case of choice, the worst position is in the middle, so there is a car in the left and right, the probability of the door is most likely to be broken by other people, and the most left space in the space is the best, because the left side has no car; and the car parked on the right side of the space is facing. The driver on the left side of the copilot door is usually cautious, but the passenger's consciousness is relatively lacking.

5, the horizontal interval is within 60 centimeters

Two cars as far as possible as far as possible as far as possible is the best, the general two cars if the interval is more than one meter and two, then the door will reach the maximum even if the door is not in contact. If there is no way to stay away, keep it within 60 centimeters.

6, no parking under the tree

It's very unwise to stop the car under the tree. Because some trees will drop the mucus, and it is easier to leave bird droppings under the trees. All these things are corrosive. If they are not treated in time, a dark print will be left on the car paint. In addition, try not to stop under the outdoors of the outdoor air conditioner, because the air conditioning water is on the car paint, the impression left will be very difficult to wash, maybe polishing or rubbing the wax.

7, it is best to stop underground during the festival

not until the new year, every household will set off firecrackers to show the festive spirit, but the fireworks and firecrackers and debris still have a strong influence. Therefore, the best way to stop the underground garage is to find a relatively safe place. Firecrackers are not only likely to blow up paint and glass, but the Yellow prints left by sulphur are also more difficult to clean.

8, do not blindly believe in the bumper

some owners were relieved to go into the car when they saw a car backing up, but did not wait for the tire to touch the bumper. The bumper had already hit the wall. Also, do not rely too much on reversing radar. There are also failures and blind areas.

9 and rainy days do not stop in low-lying areas

do not park your car in low-lying areas such as an overpass.

Because of some bad sections of the drainage system, the water may be very deep. There was a car main car park on the low-lying pavement in the old district. After a heavy rain, it was found that the water was not over the roof of the car.

10, temporary parking for open land at night

When you go out at night, if you stop for a temporary stop to find items or check maps, stop in the open space, and open the flash warning light and other small lights to prevent the rear car from following the accident when the line of sight is not good. If you have to stop for a long time, it's best to do it Car parking near a street lamp can prevent car accidents and prevent car theft.

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