3 thousand analysis of Audi Q7 maintenance cost by changing oil

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Among the imported models introduced by Audi, the most popular is the luxury SUV— Q7, which has a huge body, luxurious interior and rich configuration, and its overbearing appearance is the most powerful consumer. We often say “ it is difficult to buy a car to maintain a car ” then, in the future maintenance and maintenance, is the price of the vehicle within your endurance? Now let's take a look at the amount of maintenance that Audi Q7 needs in the course of driving 60 thousand kilometers.

Warranty period, first guaranteed mileage and maintenance cycle.

The official import of Audi Q7 includes 3.6V6 and 4.2V8 two engines. At present, the Audi factory provides a 2 - year unlimited warranty for the Q7 model under the flag. In this period, any quality problems of your vehicle can be followed by the corresponding regulations to the 4S shop for testing and claims. After the purchase of the car, your first maintenance mileage does not exceed 7500 kilometers. Every 7500 kilometers after the first guarantee, you should go to the 4S store for a vehicle maintenance. If the total amount of driving is 60 thousand kilometers, it needs to be maintained in the 4S store for 8 times.

Two. The imported vehicle is insured at its own expense, and the average cost of 0-3 km is about 15 thousand.

After buying a vehicle, you need to return to the 4S store for the first time in 7500 kilometers. The 4S store is recommended to maintain a few hundred kilometers in advance, and try not to exceed 7500 kilometers to the first guarantee. Unlike most domestic Audi, the whole system model of imported Audi has no “ the free first guarantee ” for the first time, you need to take your own pocket, the 3.6V6 engine model is about 2600 yuan, and the 4.2 model is about 3000 yuan.

Audi Q7 needs a larger maintenance input at 30 thousand km, and the cost of parts and labor is higher. However, after this maintenance, the vehicle has received a more comprehensive maintenance, so the cost of subsequent maintenance will be significantly reduced. After driving about 30 thousand kilometers, the total cost of maintenance for 3.6 litres of Q7 is around 14 thousand and 4.2 litres Q7 is about 17 thousand. For a private car, the 20 thousand kilometers per year is calculated for 18 months.

Two.3-6 million kilometers maintenance cost is not much different from the first 30 thousand kilometers.

In the 3-6 million kilometers of driving process, your vehicle also needs to the 4S shop routine maintenance 4 times, the total cost of 3.6 liters of about 15 thousand, 4.2 liters of Q7 17 thousand, this period of maintenance items roughly the same as the previous 30 thousand kilometers. We still use a private car for 20 thousand kilometers per year. After a total of 60 thousand kilometers, it takes about 3 years. The 60 thousand km total maintenance expenditure is about 30 thousand yuan, 4.2 litres are about 35 thousand, and the average maintenance costs of the two models are more than 10 thousand yuan per year.

Through the above introduction, it can be seen that as a high-end luxury SUV model, the maintenance cost of Audi Q7 is obviously not easy to accept for the general income consumers, but for some powerful gold consumers and companies, the maintenance costs of the model are not high. . Of course, our calculation is based solely on the assumption of driving. The more or less mileage you travel per year, the road you travel will affect the cost of your car.

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