Do not turn on the high beam at night

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-19

driving at night, owners often encounter the illumination of the headlights on the opposite and rear sides, thus affecting the sight of the vehicle owners and causing traffic troubles. In this case, should the owner turn on the high beam to fight back or wait for the wait?

Zhongshan City Car Dealers Chen Guohong, the technical director of the after-sale service department, thinks that the car owner can flash a few far light lights when the vehicle is in the car with the far light light, but remember not to open the long light to counterattack.

when you are exposed to high beam, you can flash a few hints.

at present, Zhongshan is being examined by the national civilized city reinspection team. Civilized travel is a very important content.

many car owners understand the dangers of opening up the beam, but what should they do when they are caught by other vehicles? “ when the vehicle owner meets the high beam, the eye should hide the light spot as soon as possible. ” Chen Guohong said that when the vehicle owner was driving a high beam in front of the vehicle, he had to hide as much light as possible.

“ the owner can flash a few bright lights to remind the other party, but remember not to open long beams to fight back. ” Chen Guohong told reporters that the general owners will turn off the beam and use the low light when they see the prompts.

But there is still a car owner to continue to use the light of the light, at this time long open long light to counter each other, will cause the eyes of the owner of the other side also become blind, two to the owners can not see clearly is a very terrible thing.

Chen Guohong reminds me that if you really can't see the situation ahead, the car owners should slow down and slow down, even stop by the side, waiting for the other vehicle to continue after the past.

Using an anti glare rear view mirror to prevent a long light light

“ if you are swayed by the headlights of the rear vehicle, the use of anti glare rearview mirror is the best solution at this time. &rdquo, Chen Guohong said, car owners can also use discontinuous brakes to prompt the rear, but do not have a retaliatory mentality to brake, this will endanger the safety of themselves and others.

in addition, vehicle owners can also use rear fog lamps or double flash to give hints. If the other party still doesn't care, then pull over and let the other side pass. For their own safety, we must keep a good attitude and avoid unnecessary losses.

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