Three attention should be paid to motor vehicle maintenance in spring

Category:Automobile cosmetology - Date:2018-04-19

The car scrubbing vehicle is usually based on a fixed process, although sometimes it will miss some small stains, but the owners will be able to deal with them as soon as they remind them. And at this time some hasty owners are often robbing themselves, or using non professional cloth, or no special cleaning agent, so it is easy to wipe the car “ flower ”

Pay attention to the true and false cleaning agent

Most of the car wash in the car after the dust, will be in the body or spray or wipe some cleaning agent, they will tell the owner is “ &rdquo wax; and the owners often see the more the scrubbing bubbles, the more happy, feel more clean and cleaner.

To this, the expert reminds the owner that not all the car washing lines are used for wax, especially the small door stores. The cleaning agents used to wipe the car are often used for the use of detergent and detergent. Washing powder is alkaline detergent, which will seriously damage the gloss of car paint. But fortunately, the identification is relatively simple, so long as you feel it with your hands and smell with your nose, you can distinguish it.

It is not suitable to wash the car under the big sun

Sunshine in the afternoon of the beautiful afternoon, he took a bucket and took a bath for the car, watching the beautiful car shining in the sunlight. It was a great pleasure for many car owners. In fact, the big Sundays are the most unsuitable for washing cars, especially when the sunlight is most intense at noon. Although strong light can dry the body's water as quickly as possible, the water droplet will produce partial high temperature on the car paint before evaporation, which will make the paint lose its luster.

Do not clean the interior of the interior

carelessly dirty the cushion, the roof shed, etc., many owners will immediately wash with water or washing liquid, but after drying, it will form a lump of ugly stains. Because Car The interior fabric texture is different and the way of cleaning is different. At present, there are various kinds of cleaning agents in the market, but most of them are pertinent, such as leather and cotton fabrics are completely different. Moreover, even if the cleaning agent is used correctly, stains will often be unclean.

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