Four tips for prolonging tyre life, safe use / maintenance of tires

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Car it is not too important to emphasize the importance of tires before landing. The car depends on the ground floor area of the four palms of four tires to achieve the &ldquo of the road; communicate ” load, accelerate, slow down, turn to … … the tire is closely related to the safety of the vehicle. For tires, you can't &ldquo at all; &rdquo, and &ldquo, &rdquo. For example, aging tires must be replaced in time. Tomorrow is the Qingming Festival. If you want to travel by yourself, you must pay attention to check out before going out.

Recommendation 1: replace &ldquo instead of ”

How long should the normal service life of the car tire be? The Chengdu newspaper reporter inquired about the official websites of Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli, the mainland and other big brand tyres, and they did not give clear time.

Automobile expert Luo Kaijun told the Chengdu commercial newspaper reporter that there are many factors affecting the tire life. In addition to the congenital factors such as tire design and material, the operating habits of the owners, the use environment of the car, the good or bad of the car, etc. all determine the length of the tire, so that even the same brand of tires is installed in the same type. There are great differences in the use time and mileage of cars.

Michelin and Dunlop tires have officially suggested that if tyres have been used for 5 years or longer, professionals are required to check at least once a year. For safety reasons, tire worn for more than ten years from the date of production should be replaced, whether worn or not.

“ five years in the use of tires, almost all has reached the aging stage of ” a quick repair chain of technical staff told the reporter, “ really can adhere to the ten years of little tires, in the actual use of the environment, the use of car tyres for five years has been a long life. &rdquo, the general manager of Bridgestone's wing red transport store, also suggested that the normal life span of the tires is generally within five years. For safety, it would be better to replace it for more than five years.

after tire aging, the tread usually appears “ wrinkle ” these tiny lines indicate that it should be retired.

It is suggested that 2: wear to the limit for a certain change of tire

If you have to wear a pair of flat bottomed boots to the smooth road, you will feel “ you will be surprised by the ” and if the tire is overworn, it will also have such a effect. The tread pattern on tire tread is of great significance. It has the function of improving adhesion and removing Road area water, so that the tire can maintain better road adhesion. The wear capacity of worn tyres has dropped significantly, especially on wet slippery pavement. Therefore, when tire tread is worn to the limit, it should be replaced in time. There is a triangular wear mark at the tire shoulder. It points to the wear blocks in the groove of the tire. When the tire is worn, the wear blocks are exposed and the tires should be replaced at this time.

Recommend 3: do not let your tires be injured

Do not embarrass your tire, if it has been injured, do not let it stick to the post, or you can not go with yourself, this is really an unsafe thing.

In the course of using the car, the tire may be bound to the foreign body, or may not be carefully rubbed on the horse's teeth, or the high speed bump through the bump through the pavement may cause the tire damage. Tire damage includes tread cracks, tread bulging, tread rubber missing, serious sidewall wear, or abnormal wear.

Experts suggest that if the tire is tied to the tread by a small object such as a nail, it can be repaired and continue to go on the road, but if the tire is damaged or the wound is too large, it must be replaced. Experts suggest that the tire should be inspected at least once a month.


how to make the tire live long

1 Keep the correct tire pressure.

vehicles will normally attach the correct tire pressure standards to the inside of the left door. Please keep the tire pressure normal according to the factory's recommendations. In particular, the factory standard tire pressure is measured in the case of tire &ldquo and cold &rdquo.

2, do not exceed the speed limit, avoid urgent acceleration and emergency braking, avoid fast bending or pass through vertical obstacles.

3, Keep the car condition normal and the four round position is correct.

4, it is suggested that the owners should exchange four tire positions every 8000 or 10000 kilometers to make the four tire wear evenly.

under these circumstances, you must change the tire.

1, tire wear to wear limit mark (i.e. tread pattern depth below 1.6 mm).

2, When the tire is damaged, the tread cracks, the tread drum, the tread rubber loss, the wear uneven, the chemical corrosion, and the tire many foreign bodies ligation, etc.

3, The aging of the tires, the aging of the tires is closely related to the environment and the way of use. Generally, the tire is normally used for 3-5 years. If the tire has been used for 5 years or more, the professional should be checked at least once a year.

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