Comparison of four ways of tire patching by tying nail leakage

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tyres and nails with holes larger than 6mm must be replaced. What challenges will the ultimate pin hole diameter of 6mm bring to the 4 mainstream tire repair methods? In this article, we use 4 types of fetuses to repair 4 6mm pin holes on the tread. We need to see which type of tying is better in time and cost performance.

The nail hole of 6mm

First, we have to make the 6mm nail hole. We drill 4 nail holes on the tread using an electric drill with a 6mm bit. After drilling the tread pattern, we use vernier caliper to measure the aperture. The diameter of the hole drilled by the 6mm bit on the tire is about 5.80mm (tyre rubber is elastic). The distance between the 4 holes drilled on the tread is approximately equal, which is convenient for the contrast of the actual shooting below.

the tire patching process and the time of patching:

The first step is the tire rubber strip, which is also called &ldquo in the line, and &rdquo. This kind of patching method is characterized by convenience and speed, but it can only repair smaller nail holes.

using cold patch to repair tyres, we need to use a tool similar to awl. The cold patch can pass through a hole at the tip of the tool. As shown below, we insert the “ cone ” into the hole on the tire. “ awl ” after the pierced hole, the cold patch strip is also taken into the hole and plugging the hole. After you plug the cold patch into the hole, you can pull out the tools. At this point, part of the cold patching strip is exposed outside the tread. The cold patch that is exposed outside the tread should not be removed.

after using the cold patch to repair the nail hole, the rubber strip will become soft when the tire is heated, and better prevent the leakage of the gas inside the tire from the nail hole. The maintenance master also told us that the cold patch will be &ldquo after a certain period of time, and the &rdquo will be bubbling. Therefore, cold patch can only be used as a temporary tire patch material. The use of cold patch rubber patch, the entire tire repair process takes only 1 minutes and 53 seconds, very fast.

hot patching (fire repair) of the tire patching process and patching time:

next, we use hot patch to repair another nail hole. Hot patching is considered the best way to patch up for a long time. How to patch up the hot patch? Let's take a look.

first, we use pneumatic mill to wear the rubber of the airtight layer near the nail hole. After grinding the air tight layer, we can clearly see the wire layer.

next, we want to cut a piece of hot fill film into a circle, which is in line with the area of the steel wire. Apply the hot patch glue to the area that has been polished, and attach the hot patch to the tire liner, then press it with your thumb. In order to prevent the heating of the hot patch film with the iron, the rubber is melted to the iron, and a layer of newspaper will be laid on the top of the hotfill film. Use the electric heating tyre repairing tool to compress the attached film tightly for 3 minutes.

the heating and pressing tool can be removed after heating the hot patch film. Water is cooled on the newspaper and the excess newspaper is removed to complete the whole process of hot tire filling. The melted hot patch forms a new tire liner to prevent tire leakage. Some newspapers will be glued with hotfill film, which is a normal phenomenon. The whole process of patching takes 12 minutes and 09 seconds, which is much longer than the use of cold patch.

The process of colder complements and the time to make up the tire:

below, we use cold patch to repair third nail holes. Cold repair is mainly through the cold patch film and glue to cover the holes on the original air tight layer, so as to achieve the purpose of repair.

first, we need to polish the airtight layer of the tire slightly, make the airtight layer rough, and make the cold patch film more easily glued up. To polish the air tight layer, we will apply the cold patch glue to the polished area and dry it slightly.

finally, we paste the cold patch film and roll it back and forth on the film to make the cold film and air tight layer more tightly bonded. The whole tire repair process takes 4 minutes and 32 seconds, and the ratio of heat to fill will be shortened by more than a half.

The feeding process of the mushroom nail and the time to make up the tire:

finally, we use mushroom pin to repair the last nail hole. The crown of the mushroom nail is the same as that of the cold patch film, which can seal the tire airtight layer. The handle of the mushroom pin can be repaired through the nail hole to the tire rubber.

first, we need to slightly polish the tire tight layer near the nail hole. Like cold patching, the air tight layer needs only a little grinding without grinding to the wire layer.

next, we will apply the cold patch glue on the polished airtight layer, then we can install the mushroom pin when the cold glue is slightly dry. Before installing the mushroom pin, we need to remove the mushroom from the blue protective layer. The blue protective layer is used to protect the grey soft rubber which plays a sealing role in the picture above. Everything is ready. We inserted the needle of the mushroom pin from the inside of the tire to the hole of the nail, passing through the compound rubber layer of the entire tire. From the outside of the tyre, clamp the needle of the mushroom pin with the pliers and pull the handle of the mushroom pin from the nail hole. When the crown of the mushroom nail is attached to the tire air tight layer, the pulling action can be stopped.

next, we use rollers to roll the crown of mushroom nails to make the mushroom crown and airtight layer more tightly knit.

finally, we just need to cut the excess handle on the mushroom and cut it with tools. The cross section of the handle of the mushroom pin is seen outside the tire, which is similar to the cross-sectional area of the human little finger. The whole tire repair process takes 7 minutes and 09 seconds, and the time is much longer than the cold patch.

Conclusion: We used 4 different tire repair methods to repair 4 holes in the tire diameter of 6mm. Next we have to test the patching effect of these kinds of patching methods. We put the tire on the rim and inflated the tire to 2.0bar. We found that the nail holes repaired with cold patch were bubbling continuously after soaping water, indicating air leakage.

The results of the experiment do not indicate that the use of cold patch to repair the hole of the tire must be leaking, but at least it shows that the use of cold patch to repair the tire nail holes requires a better skill for the tonic master. We have collected 4 properties of the mainstream tire repair method in detail for your reference.

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