Who can claim the loss of half of the vehicle damage caused by the difference between the fixed pric

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A small accident, how much does it cost to repair it? The insurance company made a loss of 810 yuan, and the repair shop quoted a price of 1500 yuan, and the difference between the two was half as high as the result. The result was that the owner was at a loss as to what to do; … …

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Mr. Zhao, who works in a school logistics department in Hefei, has recently been more distressed. In July 2010, Mr. Zhao bought a Changhe van and wanted to pull out the goods and run the legs in the spare time. Unexpectedly, an unexpected traffic accident made him very entangled.

in December 12th.2010, the weather was not very good and it was raining. Mr. Zhao drove his white van on the submersible road. When the van turned the intersection of the hidden road and fan wa road from north to west, Mr. Zhao's van and two pedestrians who had gone from the west to the East were right.

“ when it was raining, visibility was not very high. They didn't see me when they were holding umbrellas, and I didn't see them, so I bumped into them. ” Mr. Zhao recalled the scene at that time, “ one of them was knocked over, head on the ground, slight bleeding on the head, and the other person suffered minor injuries. ”

after the accident, Mr. Zhao called the 120 emergency telephone, traffic police telephone and insurance company's telephone call. “ at first, I thought it was only a minor accident. After the traffic police came, I stopped my driving license, and the insurance company did not come to the scene to investigate at that time. ” Mr. Zhao said.

Later, Mr. Zhao sent the injured pedestrians to the hospital for examination. They found that the injured pedestrians with head injuries had signs of cerebral hemorrhage, then the hospital was determined as a skull fracture, and the injury was heavy and had to be observed in hospital. Because Mr. Zhao bought the car insurance of Anhui branch of the sun [summary picture Forum] property insurance company, he was in contact with the sunshine insurance, and the sunshine financial insurance paid him 10 thousand yuan of medical expenses.

Car owner: the difference between the fixed cost and the maintenance cost is too big

in the afternoon of December 13th.2010, after finishing the hospitalization of the injured, Mr. Zhao opened the car to the fast settlement center near the second ring of North and damaged the staff of the sunshine insurance. A Liu family member made a few photos of Mr. Zhao's car and asked Mr. Zhao to drive it away. Because the casualty of the accident was a little serious, the traffic police also detained his car on the same night.

“ in fact, my car is not seriously damaged, that is, the bumper has crashed, the car face, the door is also a little damaged, so the car repair thing I did not put in the heart, has been busy with the wounded. ” Mr. Zhao said. It was not until a week later that Mr. Zhao remembered that the car needed repair, so he called the designated damage officer, who was named Liu, and the driver told him that the car's damage was 810 yuan. Mr. Zhao asked him to go to the repair factory designated by the sunshine insurance, or to find a repair plant himself, and the casualty did not answer the designated repair factory, and it could be repaired by himself.

because he was discharged from hospital in January 4th of this year, Mr. Zhao only took the car out of the traffic police station on the 5 th. On the 6 day, Mr. Zhao drove to the garage to repair the car. Mr. Zhao first came to the Changhe store repair shop at the intersection of the Huaining road and the West Road of the Changjiang River. After the staff saw the car's injuries, it said that it would be 1500 yuan to repair it. “ I heard it was very sad that the fixed price was only 810, he wanted 1500, nearly half the price, so I did not repair, and in Jinzhai South Road to find two repair plants to ask the price, did not think of the most expensive, only more expensive, the two one to 1600, one to 1800. ” Mr. Zhao said, “ and because the price difference with the damage is too large, the car has not been repaired. ”

later, Mr. Zhao came to the Department of claims of the Anhui branch of sun property insurance company, asking about the relevant procedures of claim settlement. When Mr. Zhao asked why the price and the cost of maintenance were so bad, the staff of the claim Department told us that the loss was 810 yuan. If there was a doubt about the fixed price, we should contact the damage officer directly. Mr. Zhao has made several phone calls to Liu's damage rating staff, but has not been able to get through. In desperation, Mr. Zhao had to call the insurance green channel for help.

insurance company: we can not give it to us.

Because Mr. Zhao was busy on weekdays, the reporter and Mr. Zhao came to the sunshine insurance Anhui branch on Saturday, where the staff told reporters that the personnel of the claim department did not work on weekends, and this trip was empty.

on that day, Mr. Zhao brought all the materials related to the traffic accident, but the reporters did not see the order. Mr. Zhao told reporters that the sun did not give him a list of damages, and he never knew anyone who wanted to find an insurance company. The reporter asked him whether the staff had given him the relevant material when the damage was fixed, and Mr. Zhao said no. “ I was too confused at that time. I was too busy to be hospitalized for the wounded. I didn't think about the order, and they didn't say it, and I asked to call it on the phone. ” Mr. Zhao said.

The reporter then dialed the national unified customer service telephone 95510 of the sunshine finance insurance, and asked for the problem of car insurance, and the customer service personnel transferred the telephone to the staff of the sunshine insurance Anhui area. When the reporter asks the owner of the accident, it can get the order of loss. The staff members answer that they can be obtained on the same day after the loss quotation, and it can be handled well in a working day. When the reporter asked about the specific circumstances of Mr. Zhao's auto insurance, the staff gave a phone call, saying that the specific issue of damage can be asked to ask questions.

the reporter called the phone again, and after explaining the basic situation with the staff, the staff said that he could come over at any time to get the order. However, as for the problem of the fixed price, they are generally priced according to the market standards. If there are still specific problems, they can negotiate with those at the time.

The reporter also contacted with the surname Lau, who told the reporter that the price was determined according to the normal standard of the market, and the owner could find a few more repair plants to try. If there is such a big difference, take the car to him for repair. The reporter then contacted Mr. Zhao and announced the result of his communication. Mr. Zhao said the market price was so big that it can only be entrusted to sunshine insurance company to repair it.

lawyer of Insurance Law: introducing the third party fixed loss mechanism

“ accident damage should not be an insurance company's business at all. ” Xu Zili, a legal adviser to the insurance green channel of the journal insurance, said that at present, the dispute over the loss of vehicles is constantly being dissension, to a large extent, to the extent that the insurance companies are both &ldquo, athlete &rdquo, and “ the referee's &rdquo.

“ insurance companies are not determined by the relevant departments of the state according to law and have legal qualifications. The so-called &lsquo of the insurance company; &rsquo is only a reference for determining the amount of claims between the insured and the insurance company. And this reference basis only has the corresponding legal effect under the premise of the approval of the applicant. ” Xu Zili lawyer analysis, insurance company as an accident damage vehicle claims unit, can not only assess vehicle losses, and compensation. If they take the two into consideration, then the insurance company will have the final say and legally lose the equal relationship with the insured. Xu Zili's lawyer believes that the root of the problem is to introduce an independent professional unit or company with an asset assessment qualification, such as the &ldquo. As a third party organization, the company must represent the interests of the insured on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also embodies the interests of the insurance company. It must be very fair in order to have the prospect of development. ”

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