Car tire maintenance, easy to forget part of winter maintenance

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When winter comes, the road becomes hard and slippery, and the water will soon become smooth ice. The pavement conditions often appear to follow the tail and turn out of control. A few days after snowy days and even after snow, the wet skid on the road and the solid ice surface rolled and rolled will directly test your driving skills and the tyres of the car. Aside from the driving skills and vehicle braking performance, as well as the vehicle's auxiliary safety system, the most direct contact with the road and the test is the 4 tires of the car, its conditions and performance will directly affect the safety of your driving in winter.

let's talk about the maintenance of tires in winter:

1, tire pressure, please keep your attention to it.

Each Car the tire matching has the corresponding tire pressure, which directly affects the performance of the tire and affects the fuel consumption to a certain extent. In general, the tire pressure values of the front and rear doors will be displayed on the inside of the front door. This is the number you need to check regularly. Too high or too low tire pressure will affect the service life of the tire, but more importantly, the impact on the grip. Too high tire pressure will not only increase the risk of tire explosion, but also make the middle of the tire in a convex form to contact the ground, the range of the tire is obviously reduced, and it is impossible to provide enough friction to brake the vehicle at the time of emergency braking. Too low tire pressure also makes the outer edge of the tire contact the ground, can not make the whole tread contact the ground, and can not provide enough area of scratch while increasing the tire wall wear. The risk is no less than the high tire pressure driving. Often wearing the thinnest part of the tire wall will directly lead to the early scrap of the tire. It is suggested that four tire pressure should be used to check the tire pressure in the cold tire every week to ensure that the front and rear tire surfaces are fully exposed to the ground to achieve the best ground effect, and also to reduce the vibration of the road and increase the comfort of the driving.

2, the texture of the tire is not just beautiful

do not belittle the patterns on the tire. Every item will appear on your tread after repeated testing and design. If your tyres have been running for over 10000 kilometers, you should carefully check whether the tire tread patterns are evenly balanced. If there is no wear around, four wheel alignment should be done to achieve the uniform effect of all tread surfaces on the ground. If four rounds of positioning and transposition are done on time, there are no foreign objects in the pattern, such as stone and sharp objects in each transposition, which can prevent the tread from accidental piercing of the foreign body due to high speed or bump, and the uneven wear of the pattern on the ice and snow surface caused by the uneven grip. In addition, after 50000 kilometers or 3 years, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tire tread pattern reaches the lower limit, or has failed to meet the braking requirements. Note: the general new tyres can have 5 to 7 points on the tire wall to show the tire life, but there is also a time when the tire is too dirty to display, so check the depth of the tire texture at maturity. Less than 3 millimeters need to be replaced.

3, the inside of the wall of the tire also needs care

the tire wall is divided into inner wall and outer wall. The general tire maintenance carefully checks the side of the tire on the side of the car and protects and maintains the side of the tire, but it only protects the tire wall on one side, while the other is largely forgotten. As we all know, the tire wall is the most vulnerable part of the whole tire. Once the rubbing and scratching are basically the direct cause of the tire, how many people are maintaining the inner wall of their tires? In fact, the fetal wall on this side is tested not only less than the outside side, but also more hurt than the outer side. At high speed, the sharp surface of the bottom of the car under the wind pressure may cause the scratches directly to the inner tread. When you notice the outside tyres, the inner wall may be directly damaged by sharp or rough objects inside the pit. Therefore, when your tire is beautiful or flawless, the inside may be scarred. Under cold conditions in winter, those scars may bring unexpected danger at any time. It is recommended to check carefully whether the inner wall of the tire is injured before and after running the complex road surface and before and after the high speed running. If you can't lift the vehicle, you can turn the steering wheel to the head when you park your car in a good visibility, and you can see the inside tire wall of the steering wheel directly.

Tips on the use of tires in winter

1, before starting the car after the snow, check the tire and the ground there is no water or snow caused by the freezing of the ground, so as not to force the car to cause tear, tire.

2. If the parking conditions are not good or open, it is best to pad the newspaper around the wheel before stopping each other to avoid icing.

3, after starting the driving, do not directly raise to the high speed, first slow open 1 to 3 kilometers, reasonable warm tire, avoid cold tire in ice road speed running skid.

4. Do not roll on the icy road to prevent sharp edges of the edges from scratching and scratching tires.

5. Do not fuel when slight sideslip, slow down appropriately, increase tyre friction and maintain grip.

6. Do not change the tire with different patterns or specifications at random, so as to avoid slipping and losing control on the ice surface due to different friction. In addition, consumers who use some single guide tires should not avoid pointing the pattern to reverse, otherwise they will lose grip performance.

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