Need skid or power to count the effect of tire tread pattern?

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A few days ago, the reporter saw a kind of tires at the Michelin Beijing training center. The tread was smooth without any pattern. Liang Shoujun, the manager of the Michelin China car tire market department, was actually a kind of Michelin used for F1 racing tires to improve the match performance in the dry weather. However, in the rain and snow days, this no pattern of light tire can not play its most effective.

Usually we all have experience in wearing sports shoes. There are patterns in the sole of the sneakers, and some of the running shoes are even known as &ldquo and ” the effect is to prevent skidding, enhance elasticity, and make people comfortable. Similar to this, the tire also has a variety of patterns, on the one hand, vehicle power and drainage and other aspects of the needs, on the other hand to improve vehicle ride comfort. There are four types of tire tread patterns: horizontal groove pattern, straight groove pattern, straight cross crisscross pattern and block pattern.

The straight groove pattern is suitable for high speed driving

The straight groove is the most common pattern. As its name implies, the direction of its pattern design is arranged in a vertical direction. This kind of tyre is generally suitable for roads with better roads such as highways or urban roads. Rolling resistance is small in driving, therefore, it has less friction with the ground and has better driving direction, so it is very suitable for high-speed driving. Moreover, straight drained tyres have excellent drainage performance and are not slippery on wet surfaces and less noisy in running.

Weakness: the braking performance of the straight groove tire is relatively weak, and the driving force is not as good as the other pattern tires, which are not suitable for the poor road conditions such as the sand road.

Cross groove pattern is suitable for bad pavement

transverse groove pattern is a pattern designed with the cross section of the tire as the main axis. Many people can see such trench patterns on some industrial vehicles or old jeeps. Because the cross design is used in the pattern, the contact area between the tire and the ground is increased, both the braking force and the driving force are excellent, which greatly compensates the shortage of the straight groove tires, which is suitable for the bad conditions in the outdoors, construction sites and so on.

weakness: drained tread pattern with poor drainage and poor heat dissipation. Moreover, the transverse groove pattern tire increases the contact area of the ground, and also increases the noise. In terms of vehicle handling flexibility, it is obviously less than straight groove tread tyres.

The application of vertical cross pattern is widely used

combined with the advantages and disadvantages of the above two patterns, the cross tire with straight cross pattern emerges as the times require. Careful owners can find that the tread pattern of this kind of tire is generally &ldquo, &rdquo, font and direction.

straight cross is the most common tire tread pattern nowadays. It absorbs the advantages of good draining performance and small noise in the vertical groove. It also takes into account the strength of the dynamic performance of the cross groove pattern. It has better driving force and dynamic performance than pure straight groove pattern. The road condition is more extensive, the road can run and the road with poor road condition can also be dealt with. Therefore, the pattern of straight and crisscross patterns has become the mainstream of tire tread patterns.

The dynamic performance of the block pattern is the best

the patterns of lump tread tires are rare in cities. Occasionally they can be seen on off-road vehicles and special vehicle sites. The tire patterns are arranged in a lump pattern. When the vehicle is running in the snow or muddy ground, the pattern is embedded in snow or mud, and the vehicle generates driving force. Therefore, block pattern is the best type of driving force and braking power in four kinds of patterns.

weakness: the cost of lump shaped tire is relatively high, and this pattern is not usually used in special road conditions.

Criteria for selection of tires

an important basis for car owners to choose tires is the standard of tire used by manufacturers. Different vehicles have different orientations in dynamic performance and comfort performance, and different types of tread patterns are used.

apart from the type of pattern, the sparsity or density of patterns is also a factor that should be taken into consideration when selecting tyres. The tire pattern on the off-road vehicle is deep and wide, which is generally used to increase the area of the tire touching the ground, so that the vehicle has better grip. In order to improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle in dry land, it is obvious that the tread with this kind of pattern is poor drainage. In wet road, it can not only play a good dynamic performance, but also may slip and drift, and bring danger to the passengers.


Treatment after tread pattern wear

as rubber products, tires will naturally wear out. Tire wear is also reflected in the tread pattern wear. Generally speaking, the tire wear must be replaced when the groove depth of tread pattern is only 1.6 millimeters. Tire manufacturers will set instructions on the depth of the pattern. Peugeot When the Peugeot is exposed, the performance of the tire has been greatly reduced, the vehicle is easy to skid or drift, losing the usual grip and adhesion, and it is more likely to be dangerous when it meets the rain and snow.

Of course, in addition to the replacement of the tires, the Liang first army also told reporters another two ways to save cost, one is the original tyres, the other is the tire refurbishment.

The so-called carving ditch is the process of removing the rubber from the bottom of the tread groove down to 3 to 4 millimeters when the residual pattern depth of the tire is 2 to 3 millimeters, and in the condition of the good condition of the carcass, the rubber material at the bottom of the tread groove is removed in accordance with the original pattern shape of the tread. Some radial tyres have reserved the same thick rubber under the original tread pattern, so that they can be trenched. Trenches cost only 5% of the new tire cost, but the maximum can be extended to 25% of the original fetal mileage.

in addition to trenches, tubeless radial tires also have better retrofit performance. As long as the carcass of the tire is in good condition, the refurbishing process can be repeated many times. Every time the car is refurbished, the owner will spend 45% of the new tire cost, which will probably fete 90% of the mileage of the new tire.

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