Research shows that driving can listen to sad music or help anger

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Are you the road Nu? Many drivers are polite at ordinary times, but when they start driving, they become irritable and angry. A study by researchers in the United States and Holland shows that listening to some sad slow songs while driving can help to extinguish anger in drivers. Of course, drivers should also pay attention not to wear earphones or turn the volume up too much, because it can easily lead to traffic accidents.

Listen to music by driving

road rage is a new type of anger which is caused by driving pressure and frustration. Car Syndrome.

the United States and Holland researchers designed a test to use virtual reality to drive volunteers to drive large vehicles through a narrow and circuitous road where drivers need to cope with different speed limits, and about 40 cars are approaching them at about 1 minutes.

volunteers began to listen to some high spirited songs and become sad and slow lyric songs after 8 minutes. At the same time, the researchers connected electrodes on the surface of their skin to determine their stress during driving. The results showed that a loud concert made the driver happy, but the driver was more absent-minded; the driver was relieved by listening to the sad song, and the speed, the driveway and the slight rubbing were reduced.

researchers report in the latest issue of ergonomics: “ the more you feel alive, the more distracted you are when driving. This is especially dangerous in complex driving environments, because it is easy for drivers to reach the limit of attention. ”

The key to unzip is the key

people with road rage often attack, drive or even damage other people's property, that is, aggressive driving. Researchers have studied it from the aspects of traffic safety, stress response, mental illness, and so on. It is considered as a mental disorder that is classified as &ldquo in medicine; &rdquo of array style fury disorder; in addition to traffic jam, work, life stress and personal character are all potential causes of road rage.

The University of Sussex psychology researchers recruited 30 volunteers to travel to the same destination in two ways, self driving and bus, to monitor their heart rate and skin skin response during the journey. Skin electrical response is the reaction of the skin to anxiety and stress.

monitoring results showed that the average pressure perceived by people on public transport was 33% less than that when driving. After the questionnaire survey also showed that 93% of people think that when driving a greater pressure.

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