Pay attention to the Youth of the car skylight

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-18

now, many owners are concerned about whether the car is equipped with “ skylight ” the new car of the manufacturer will also have more skylights. But with skylights, you have to learn how to maintain skylights as soon as possible. If the maintenance is not good, once the skylight is launched &ldquo, &rdquo will come and enjoy it will become your infinite trouble.

1, can be used for regular maintenance of fine talcum powder, can prolong the life of the seal ring, the moving part of the skylight is made of low maintenance material. It should be cleaned regularly with oil or lubricant, and it is recommended to clean every two months.

2 and skylights are used for a long time. There are usually many sand deposits in their slide rails and gaps. If they are not cleaned regularly, they will wear sunroof components. The skid rail should be cleaned regularly to avoid sand deposition and prolong the service life of the skylight seal ring. Usually in the use of 2 to 3 months, the sealant or slide gauze with a gauze cleaning water cleaning, after cleaning a little oil or butter can be applied.

3, before opening the skylight, we should pay attention to whether there are obstacles on the roof of the glass panel. The design of skylight panel has insulation function and UV protection function. Please use soft cloth and cleaning agent to clean. Do not use sticky detergent to clean.

4, the biggest concern of using skylight is leakage and leakage. Proper use and maintenance of sunroof can effectively prevent leakage. Before entering the rainy season, besides cleaning up the sand and dust in the slideway and sealing strip, some plastic protective agents or talcum powder should be sprayed on the seals and other components.

5, winter in the snow or after the washing car, the skylight glass and sealant frame may be frozen, when the sky window is forced to open, easy to cause damage to the skylight motor and rubber seal. The right thing to do is to open the skylight after the snow or wash the car and wipe away the moisture remaining on the edge.

6, on a very bumpy road, it is best not to completely open the skylight. Otherwise, it may cause the deformation of the related parts and even the motor damage due to the large vibration between the skylight and the slide rails. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to open skylights when raining or cleaning vehicles.

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