For your own safety, please change your bad driving habits

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The car owners who often drive on the road may notice that in the near future, some roads are opened and repaired, and some of the sections are closed, which aggravates the tension of traffic congestion. In addition, in some of the new roads, because there is no time to mark the traffic indication line, it also makes some cars do nothing, or change the line at will, and the minor accidents such as the rear end and the scraping appear frequently. According to the rough statistics of some automobile 4S shop maintenance factories, the rate of incoming cars in recent accidents has increased by nearly 40% over the previous year.

In the opinion of the correspondent and the field survey, the reporter found that the short road is not easy to cause the actual traffic accident. However, if many drivers strictly abide by the traffic regulations, remove the bad driving habits and change each other's driveway to each other, the road traffic accident rate will be sharp sharp. Reduce. Driving in the streets is not only safe but also harmonious and comfortable.

below are bad driving habits which are easy to cause accidents. Let's try to eradicate it for the sake of safety for all.

Bad habit 1: you contend for me to grab the same lane

This is a common bad habit, — — — the driver's mind is that I don't scramble for the driveway, and the others are sure to scramble for the driveway. As a result of a scramble, it will easily be scraped. Once scraped, then get off to check, alarm, call the insurer to check the scene, the car behind will soon plug up the dragon, waste the money and time of others, but also cost the national police force and insurance compensation, a real harm and harm.

Solution: a taxi driver tells a reporter that the way to solve this bad habit is actually very simple. No matter how a few lanes turn into a lane, the most efficient and time-saving way is to take turns to pass through. Suppose, for example, that 4 lanes are contracted into a lane, no matter which lane begins, from the left to the right, and from the right to the left, everyone turns from their own driveway, so that, even if there are more cars behind, people will pass safely in the most effective time, and no accidents will happen. What needs to be explained is that when people start queuing very early, anyone must line up according to their natural order.

bad habits two: dominate the left overtaking lane and drive at low speed.

This bad habit, believe that all motorists will meet, for example, when you are running normally in the fast lane or when you want to overtake a high speed car, there is a &ldquo in front of you; the car is more leisurely than the ” one is that you may need an emergency brake, and the two is that you can't be in any way at any rate. You are anxious to use trumpets and flashing lights. The room is still in a hurry, and I believe that any weapon in your hand will be thrown away.

The solution: a lot of novice may not know the traffic rules, so it's very “ it's ” the other car is running at the low speed in the fast lane on the left. Here we solemnly remind and appeal, whether it is a novice or an old driver, whether on the highway or in the ordinary city road, the left lane is always a relatively fast track, please don't drive on the fast lane at low speed. If you don't want to keep walking relatively fast after overtaking, please turn to the other lane. If the car you oppressed chooses to overtake on your right, it is easy to enter your blind area of the rearview mirror. If you turn right, you will probably hit a car and harm yourself.

bad habits three: on the right lane “ silent ” suddenly overtaking.

If it is not really on the left &ldquo, the overlord car &rdquo, pressing, every driver should not overtake in the right lane, especially in a quiet way, because the left and right mirrors of each car have a blind area. In this blind area, the driver can't see the A and B cars close to the left and right sides of their own car. Only when A or B approaches the A column of the vehicle you drive, you can see it with the eye's residual light, and the driver is unlikely to see it when it approaches the B column. At this point, if you suddenly turn, it is clear that the final result is only one — — — a lot of scraping accidents on the street are the same. Cause.

The solution: first of all, make sure not to overtake on the right side of others, if there is no way to overtake the car, it is sure to flashing the lights or honking the horn in advance so as to remind the vehicle on the left side not to turn. At the same time, when driving the car normally, if you want to turn to the light, it is also necessary. Turn left or right quickly and lightly to see if there is a car behind the B column side. Of course, installing a small micromirror on the rearview mirror can also solve this problem.

bad habits four: brakes on or turn off lights when driving normally, or simply park the car in the middle of the road.

We are also common in such a thing. The driver of a car on the road may suddenly encounter abnormal or other reasons, whether or not there is a car in the back or side, suddenly brake, or suddenly turn the line without turning the turn to the light, so that the case of the collision is too bad. It's not good to see. What is more, emergency parking in the middle of the road not only causes danger to itself, but also blocks the car behind it in a short time.

The way to solve it: driving, not only thinking about yourself, but also thinking about others and other cars at any time, talking and thinking for others' safety and time. To change the line, turn the turning light first. If you suddenly find the intersection that you want to turn out and turn too late, there are more cars behind and next, even if you miss a crossing at the next intersection and turn back, do not stop urgently, and don't change the line urgently.

bad habits five: when others see the lights turn quickly, prevent others from turning.

The solution: if the turning on the car has exceeded you, or if you are close to 2/3, you should try to avoid it, leave space for others and leave space for yourself. If you are so modest, others will also be modest. You are so surrounded by the rings that the warmth is ours.

bad habits six: sudden braking and speed reduction after changing line.

Solution: others have been happy to give their own way to change line, if you change the line after the abrupt brake and slow down, not only seems impolite, but also very easy to cause the rear end accident, the harm of others. The correct way is, in changing line, should speed up the line of change, that is, try not to interfere with the rear of the driving, do not let others brake give you the way to let the space, change line success, unless there is a quick brake before, otherwise try not to slow down, even in front of slowing down, the speed of deceleration also do not be too urgent, in addition to the show Show their own self-restraint, but also for themselves and the rear of the vehicle left a safe space.

bad habits seven: see the zebra crossing in front of you and do not step on the brakes.

To be sure, this bad habit is, first, wait for the green light before the zebra line. When the red light hasn't finished, the car has begun to move, especially the bus and some “ the old hand ” or the red light has just finished, and he runs fast forward; two, in front of the When the green light and the zebra crossing, the accelerator throttle along. Once you encounter a red light or a non motor vehicle or pedestrian who does not pass the green light in time, the consequences will be unthinkable.

solution: vehicles should avoid pedestrians and non motorized vehicles, especially on zebra crossing and zebra crossing. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore this and lead to disaster. When crossing the zebra crossing, you must put your feet on the brakes (not necessarily trample) instead of on the throttle. After crossing the zebra crossing, you can refuel.

bad habits eight: individual “ flat head ” van wanton change line interspersed

In the city, the individual “ the flat head ” the van wanton line, disorderly interspersed, in the scraping accident and other big traffic accidents statistics, “ flat head ” the probability of the accident of the van is especially large, which is related to the random violation of the individual driver.

The solution: a van driver should pay attention to his own driving is not a super sports car, it is necessary to obey the chapter. To know, time, life, safety, all of them are their own.

Bad habits nine: reversing the car on the road

vehicles on the motorway are seldom seen, but drivers who are reversing reversing vehicles, including expressways, are common. There is only one reason, that is to miss an intersection, stop the car at the intersection is not safe, and then reverse driving, meet the rapid coming of the car, the consequences can be imagined.

The solution: miss an intersection, just come back in the next intersection, even if a little trouble, waste time, but the life and safety is guaranteed, if the chance to get away with the chance of danger, the consequences are very serious.

bad habits ten: throw rubbish out of the car willfully.

The cigarette end, the drink bottle, and other or large or small garbage, shake down the window and then throw out, in addition to the pollution of the environment, and also cause a major hazard to the road safety.

the solution: no matter what kind of rubbish, we should collect it and put it in the trash can when we stop. To be human, it is a matter of accumulating merit.

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