Summer air conditioning operations, automotive air conditioning, self service maintenance

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summer is coming, summer is coming. We can drive our own car to the beach. Sunshine bath can go to the top of the mountains, or go to adventure in a strange city to feel different customs. These are all in the case of our car air-conditioners, otherwise our car is a “ mobile oven &rdquo.

Car Air conditioning provides energy for the engine

the automobile air conditioning system is a device for cooling, heating, ventilating and purifying the air inside the carriage. It can provide comfortable driving environment for drivers and reduce the fatigue strength of drivers. At present, most of the passenger car's air conditioning systems are driven by engines, and they all have cold and warm functions.

The consistency of the core components of the automatic air conditioning system of the manual air conditioning

vehicle mounted air conditioning is divided into manual and automatic control modes. The manual air conditioner controls the temperature, wind speed and wind direction by shifting the function keys on the control panel. The automatic air conditioner controls the air volume, temperature and wind direction by using the vacuum control mechanism and the electronic actuating mechanism. But both of them are basically the same for the core refrigeration and heating parts of air conditioning. Air conditioners are mainly made up of compressor (compressor), electrically controlled clutch, condenser (condenser) and evaporator.EvAporator), expansion valve (expansionvalve), liquid storage dryer (receiverdrier), pipe (hoses), condensing fan, vacuum solenoid valve (vacuumsolenoid), idle speed device and control system, etc. The automobile air conditioning is divided into high pressure pipeline and low pressure pipeline. The high pressure side includes the compressor output side, the high pressure pipeline, the condenser, the liquid storage dryer and the liquid pipeline, and the low pressure side includes the evaporator, the accumulator, the gas return line, the compressor input side and the compressor oil pool.

liquid storage desiccator — — in fact, it is a device for storing refrigerants and absorbing refrigerant water and impurities. On the one hand, it is equivalent to the fuel tank of the automobile, which provides additional refrigerant for the leakage of refrigerant. On the other hand, it filters out impurities doped with refrigerant like air filters. The liquid desiccator also contains a certain amount of silica gel to absorb moisture.

condenser and evaporator — — they are different in structure but similar in structure. They are similar to the water tank honeycomb aluminum box, in order to achieve the external air and the heat exchange material in the pipeline device. Condenser condensing refers to the refrigerant in its pipe, which dissipate heat from gas to liquid. The principle is similar to the radiator of the engine (the difference is that the water in the water tank is always liquid), so it is often installed in the head, with the water tank, so that the design is conducive to the use of the head of the air to heat the heat. Evaporator is just the opposite of condenser. It is the place where refrigerant absorbs heat from liquid to gaseous state, i. e. evaporation.

What do you do with the air conditioner?

there are many reasons for the poor cooling of air conditioning systems, but there are many reasons that do not need to go.4S store The maintenance can be eliminated. Below, we give examples of some basic air conditioning failures. If your air conditioning has a similar problem, please check it in our order.

first of all, ensure that the key to compressor (AC or ECO) is opened.

NO1. check air conditioning filter element, air conditioning filter dirty will lead to small air conditioning volume and increase air pollution inside the car.

If the air volume suddenly becomes smaller after the opening of your air conditioner for a period of time, then congratulate you, your air conditioning refrigeration effect is very good, this is caused by the freezing of the evaporating box, only the temperature need to be adjusted.

If the NO3. is working normally, but it is not as strong as the previous refrigeration, then you need to rinse the condensing plate with clean water. Too much dust will affect the heat exchange efficiency of the air conditioning system, thus affecting the quality effect.

If NO4. starts the air conditioning refrigeration system, the two cooling fans run simultaneously. But the air conditioning pump does not attract, of course, the air-conditioning is completely not refrigerated, it is likely to be a car computer failure.

If the idle speed of the vehicle is too low, it will also cause the air conditioning pump to repeatedly absorb or not work, because the engine computer needs to run the air conditioning pump on the premise of ensuring the safety of the driving. This fault can be judged by stepping on the accelerator and observing the working condition of the air-conditioning pump.

if all the problems above NO6. are ruled out, then your air conditioner is probably not refrigerant. This kind of trouble is basically impossible for car owners to repair themselves. They need to go to 4S shop or repair shop for processing.

The following operation is not recommended by the owner of the car:

first of all, air compressor is used to inject compressed air into the air conditioning system.

then observe whether the system pressure continues to decrease.

If the system pressure drops, it is necessary to use foam water or fluorescator to check the dew point. Air conditioning compressor, condenser, air conditioning line and liquid storage dryer are the parts to be checked, and the dew point will appear continuous bubbles after the spray foam water.

if there is no dew point in the above locations, the dew point may be on the evaporation box inside the central console.

after dealing with the dew point, the air conditioning system needs to be tested again. Under the condition that the system pressure is constant, vacuuming is applied to the air conditioning system.

The air conditioning system in the vacuum negative pressure state will add air refrigerant to the refrigerant. After adding a certain amount of refrigerant, it starts the vehicle and opens the air conditioner compressor, and continues to join the refrigeration. At this time, the air conditioning system has been fully working.

One particular point is that the more the refrigerant is not the better, the vehicle refrigerant must be added in accordance with the manufacturer's type and the amount of injection. Too much too little injection or the use of the wrong type of refrigerant will cause the air conditioning work to be abnormal or malfunction.

In the end, if conditions are allowed, we'd better do a simple cleaning and removal of the air conditioning system. We have a flushing condensation plate mentioned earlier, and we have to prepare a bottle of air conditioner.

first, under the condition of closing the air conditioner, spray the cleaning agent into the outlet of the car and wait for 5 minutes.

now, turn on the air conditioner and adjust the wind force to the maximum. Spray the cleaner on the external air inlet of the air conditioner.

continue to run the air conditioner for about 10 minutes, and start cleaning pollutants in the air conditioning drainage holes.

finally, the cleaned vehicle should be winded and ventilated.

please note: absolutely can not sleep in a closed car, especially when the air conditioner is opened, it can cause hypoxia and lead to coma or death.

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