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Host: good friends, everyone! Welcome to the car market expert online chat room on the net, today we are pleased to invite the sales director and Maintenance Director of Dongfeng Citroen North Jintai to talk to you about the newly listed Dongfeng Citroen model, the maintenance of Dongfeng Citroen model and the subject of second-hand car phase. If the majority of netizens have problems in this area and can communicate with us online, we will ask two experts to answer them one by one. First of all, I'd like to ask the business manager to introduce our North Jintai 4S store.

Shang Wei: first of all, thank you for your support. Dongfeng Citroen North Jintai 4S shop is the largest 4S store of Dongfeng Citroen in North China. After nearly 6 years of development, we should say, whether it is from sales or after sale, service quality or maintenance quality, it should be said that the Beijing area is even the front of the North China. . Since last year, we have started to launch the 4S+1 model. This year, the 4S shop has become the only branch of the Beijing area which is authorized to do the replacement of the brand used car. I believe that through our joint efforts, the North Jintai 4S shop will provide a higher quality service in the future work.

Wang Hui: North Jintai in North China is a relatively large 4S store, our after-sales service as a relatively large service outlets, our slogan is professional service, we always use superb technology for the vast number of customers. In the last 6 years of work, we have become the technical advisory station of Dongfeng Citroen in North China. If there is a difficult problem in North China, we will answer the question on our side. If there is a problem similar to the Dongfeng Citroen, the netizen can ask questions at any time.

Host: there are already netizens asking questions below. What is the first question about buying cars in Jintai 4S store in the north?

Shang Wei: Dongfeng Citroen North Jintai car buying activity is quite active. We launched different activities for different models in October. In September, we started as a general agent for Fukang in North China, which was underwritten. For example, the current added Fukang sold only 62 thousand and 800 yuan, and the car added a key free system. Ellis, we have developed an activity with some banks, and we opened one under the current economic situation. Financial services, it should be said to be very good. Sega as a just listed car, the cost performance is very high, but there are still some preferential policies. As long as you pay 4000 yuan, you can make a overlord version of your service and a series of personalized modification. Picasso, we have a romantic trip, we buy this car, we give a warm convalescent City coupons, triumphant 34 thousand, 06 edition of the lowest match of the minimum of about 129 thousand and 800. At present, the number of triumphs is limited in the past 06 years. Our Dongfeng Citroen North Jintai is in the South Fourth Ring Road windbreaker bridge, 67581818, if you are interested in second-hand car replacement, you can also go to our Linghai store.

host: some netizens asked, is Sega's current car already in store? Is there a current car for the 1.6 model? What advantages does Sega have now compared with Fawkes?

Shang Wei: Sega's stock is quite abundant. Judging from its appearance, I feel that Sega is very fashionable. It represents the French style. If you compare Sega 1.6 to Fawkes 1.8, I think the power performance may be slightly inferior, but I feel that the choice of the Sega 1.6 - line car may be more cost-effective for the general family consumers, because the price is cheaper than Fawkes, and Fawkes is about more than 10 thousand higher than Sega. Now the oil price has become the burden of car users, so the oily sedan, will become more and more consumer products, Shijia guarantee the appearance and good performance of enough fashion, now in the economic aspect, I feel better than Fawkes. Well, if people are sitting in Sega, it may be quite different from Fox Lee. I feel that Fawkes's interior style seems to be a bit more athletic, the color is darker, the Sega may be a little more sunny, and it feels a higher level of high tech. Sitting in Sega has two great feelings. The first is the fixed central steering wheel, which improves safety and improves convenience. The second is the photosensitive dashboard, and almost all the parameters on the car are combined on the dashboard. The driver can know the car exactly for the first time, and it can be clearly found in any light. Plus the interior design, including the seat design, Sega's seat design should be completely free from the design of the triumphant seat, which is closer to the whole barrel, more wrapped, a wider than a triumphant seat, and a central armrest. In other respects, for instance, Sega may also be larger than Fawkes in terms of area. On the one hand, it improves comfort and enhances safety on the other hand. For example, there are hidden dangers ahead, so you can check them at the first time. For general household consumers, choosing Sega may be more cost-effective.

Host: now, a net friend asked me that I bought Picasso's 2 automatic skylight for 07 years, ran 16000 kilometers, changed the pump, and then heard the snoring sound when the car was in the N/P file. After the 4S store, it was said to be the sound of the pump, adding some oil to the inside, as if the sound was small at that time. But for a week, now the sound is getting louder and louder. What's going on?

Wang Hui: if you can confirm that it is a water pump problem, you can go to the 4S store. The pump should be in the warranty period.

Host: a netizen asked, Elysee, which was introduced in April 18th in 08, opened two weeks later, and found that the middle control of the left back door could not automatically pop up and close.

Wang Hui: this car should be the old elyshe. We have canceled the lock button on the new Elysee. If there is any, it can't start automatically. Generally, the driver of the left rear door has a problem. It should be taken apart and checked.

Host: a netizen asked, I heard that Sega is going to have 2 manual blocking. Is the expert real? When will the car get to the store? How much?

Shang Wei: there is a good news that Sega will immediately launch two new cars, one is a fashion type automatic gear, the price is 121 thousand and 800, and the Sega sports money, if we see this car will find it is 2 manual gear, interior style partial movement, this price is 138 thousand and 800, these two cars will soon be everyone will Yes, I think we can see it by next Monday at the latest. If you are interested, you can call 67581818.

Host: the net friend said, already bought Shijia manual 1.6 comfort red, the rear wheel has metal collision sound, not very, but very crisp, what is the matter?

Wang Hui: he mentioned that there was a metal collision sound, and he didn't say the condition of vocalization. Whether it started or stopped, there must be a premise. In a comprehensive way, if it is said, you need to check it. It may be that the spring of the shock absorber is loosened or the other parts are worn on it. If you stop and start to sound, it's not necessary, because the new car will hear the sound at the beginning, but if you don't feel comfortable, you'd better go to the 4S store.

Host: this netizen asked me that I intend to buy a second-hand car. I have a special liking for Senna's car. How much is the car with better condition? Just now, the business manager said, you have a dragon trust second-hand car, let us introduce you!

Shang Wei: this net friend wants to choose a Senna, we know that this car is not a long time in China, so the market ownership is not very large, after the new car is selected, the volume of the transfer to the second-hand car market is not very big, so in the second-hand car market to meet the good Senna's words, it needs to wait a while. If the price is right, I don't know what kind of car he wants. Because Senna has two, manual and 2 automatic, manual 02 year car replacement more, about 90 thousand of the market can be bought, if the choice of automatic window version of about 101 thousand. In addition to the Dragon letter used car business was launched in September 18th this year, to the customer a few commitments, the first purchase of Dragon letter second-hand car, can be sold to quality guarantee, the category is 1 or 20 thousand kilometers. This quality guarantee is the longest in all used second-hand cars. I think this is a commitment to our users, the introduction of brand second-hand cars, I think it is more able to reflect the care and care of the manufacturers for the users, you buy a new car has security, then buy this brand of old cars, will also be concerned. Of course, as a brand used car, there are several requirements, not all brand used cars can be done, manufacturers have strict restrictions, of course, I think this restriction is also out of concern to the users. The first service life can not exceed 4 years, second can not be a bubble car, and then through Citroen designated service station and so on.

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