Monthly cost of 1393 yuan Sega 1.6L

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the emergence of Sega hatchback will undoubtedly reinventing the topic of the highly competitive intermediate car market. It has created a good reputation for Sega automotive systems. In April this year, Dongfeng Citroen again launched the middle end market and launched the three car Sega. Since the acceptance of the reservation, by the end of June, the number of orders has been over 10000, this can not be said to be the success of the Sega, it is increasingly attracting the attention of the vast number of consumers. In the case of Use a car In addition to buying a car, it is the daily cost of the use of the expenditure, below we take the market price of 108 thousand and 800 1.6L manual fashion version for example to introduce the cost of the car for one year.

the most expensive part of the personal use of a car is the fuel cost, which varies depending on the car. In addition, in addition to the fixed part of the vehicle expenditure, such as insurance, vehicle use tax, and so on, it is the maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle and some other miscellaneous fees (parking fee, beauty beauty). Decoration Fee, etc.).

the formula for calculating the cost is as follows:

The cost of vehicle = fuel cost + Maintenance Maintenance Fee + car insurance + vehicle use tax and miscellaneous fee

1, fuel charge: according to our test drive, the average fuel consumption of this car is 8.2L/100km under the comprehensive road condition (because each person's driving habits are different and the road environment will also affect the average value, your value may be slightly different from this value). The release of oil prices, Beijing Area 93 gasoline Price For 6.37 yuan / liter, as the average mileage of each vehicle is different, we take an average, according to the 20 thousand kilometre driving of one year, the fuel cost is the annual average mileage ÷ 100× 100 km fuel consumption × fuel price =20000÷ 100& times; 8.2× 6.37=10447 yuan.

2, maintenance fee: Sega New car the first guarantee is 7500km, followed by 15 thousand km maintenance. This maintenance cycle is the most common among similar vehicles. Long So the average maintenance price per twenty thousand kilometers is also the cheapest, and saves more time for you. From the table below, we can see that the 100 thousand km maintenance fee amounts to 4054 yuan, and the average annual maintenance cost is 811 yuan, according to the annual 20 thousand kilometers calculation.

Different regions, different displacement, manual and automatic. Vehicle model there will also be differences in maintenance cost. The above price includes manual cost.

3, car insurance: car owners will encounter many kinds of insurance items when they choose insurance for their cars, and the rates of insurance companies are different. Take the insurance of the Pacific Ocean, for example, the eight new vehicles include the risk of strong risk, the third party liability insurance (50 thousand), the vehicle loss insurance, the full car theft, the glass breakage risk, the self ignition loss risk, the car personnel liability insurance, and the loss free loss insurance, with a total premium of 4350 yuan. You can also choose different types of insurance according to your own situation.

: the insurance cost will have the corresponding discount, the owner needs &ldquo when it is insured; the goods are compared with three ” the insurance company that chooses the price preferential, the service is in place (such as the door-to-door service, the service of the step car, etc.).

4, vehicle and ship use tax: at present, the new standard is unified to 480 yuan, but the situation in different regions will be different, such as the use tax of 320 yuan for the use of car and boat in Beijing.

5, other expenses: the cost of this part of the cost of no fixed amount, such as parking fees, beauty and decoration fees, bridge over the road fee, and some of the need to spend and some do not need, we have a temporary account of 500 yuan.

Integrate the above costs, Sega three car 1.6L manual fashion version of the year's vehicle cost is:

fuel cost + maintenance + vehicle insurance + vehicle / vessel use tax + other charges =10447+811+4350+320+500=16428 yuan.

An average of 1393 yuan per month

This is just a general cost. If your car has a short mileage, your expenditure on fuel costs is greatly reduced, and the insurance is often discounted, so the maintenance cost of a car may be different from the number we get. On the other hand, the cost of the new car in maintenance and maintenance will be less, but with the increase of the mileage of your car, the cost of all aspects will change correspondingly, but the above calculation method basically reflects the expenditure of your car for one year, compared with the other models of the same level in the market. The main reason is that the maintenance cycle of Sega is long, and it will save a few expenses.

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