Sega 1.6 routine maintenance list 100 thousand kilometers less than 5000 yuan

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Dongfeng Citroen launched last year's new economy car Sega, priced at 108 thousand and 800 -16.18 yuan. Sega models are divided into 1.6 and 2 two kinds of displacement, of which 1.6 models are affected by the preferential policies of purchase tax. So what is the cost of maintenance for Sega 1.6? It is believed that there must be many car owners and prospective owners who do not know much about the cost of their use, and the maintenance and maintenance will directly affect the cost of vehicle use. Next, we may briefly introduce Sega's maintenance items and prices, so as to provide some reference for consumers to buy cars.

1. Quality guarantee period, first guaranteed mileage and maintenance cycle.

at present, the quality guarantee period of Dongfeng Citroen SEGA and its next models is the same, all of them are 2 years or 60 thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. In this period of time, any quality problem of your vehicle can follow the corresponding provisions to the 4S shop for testing and claim, to a certain extent, you have been relieved of worries. After the purchase of the car, the first maintenance proposal is done between 7000 and 8000 kilometers in the 4S store, and the next maintenance is done according to the cycle of 1 or 10000 to 15000 kilometers. In this way, Sega 1.6 vehicle 100 thousand kilometers natural maintenance times will reach 6-10 times, of which the first guarantee is free.

Two.0-4.5 10000 km maintenance cost totalling 1882 yuan.

Sega 1.6 needs to return to 4S shop at 7500 km for the first time maintenance, and try not to exceed 8000 km to go first. You don't have to pay for your first maintenance, because the maintenance is presented by the manufacturer. Then in the drive to 15 thousand kilometers to the 4S shop to do two maintenance, the maintenance including the replacement of inspection, cleaning, adjustment and so on a total of 23 work, the oil, machine filter replacement needs the owner to change their own expenses, the total cost of the two items is about 500 yuan. With the increase of the number of vehicles driving kilometers, each maintenance of the corresponding items will appear, so in 30 thousand kilometers, you to Sega 1.6 maintenance of the total cost about 900 yuan, 45 thousand maintenance costs for the two maintenance of the same cost, are 477 yuan. With a private car running 20 thousand kilometers per year, 45 thousand kilometers need to travel for about 2 years, with an average cost of about 80 yuan per month.

Three, 4.5-9 million kilometers maintenance costs increased gradually 90 thousand kilometers, total maintenance costs about 5000 yuan.

The maintenance cycle of Sega 1.6 is 30 thousand kilometers, and every 30 thousand km needs to clean the gasoline filter, air filter, and spark plug. The cost is around 900 yuan. When driving to 90 thousand km, Sega 1.6 models need to replace the timing belt, the maintenance cost is slightly higher, up to 1600 yuan. 45 thousand the maintenance cost of -9 million kilometers is about 3000 yuan, slightly higher than the maintenance cost of the first 45 thousand kilometers. Similarly, with a private car running 20 thousand kilometers per year, 90 thousand kilometers need to travel for 4 and a half years, with an average cost of 100 yuan per month.

the Dongfeng Citroen streamline body is full and full, and the wind resistance coefficient reaches a good 0.31. At the same time with the perfect styling style, it is more effective to reduce the noise of the vehicle and reduce the fuel consumption and the emission of harmful gas. The front face is full of vitality, and the chrome double character logo shows Citroen's brand characteristics and is extremely expressive. The bonnet of the engine is clear and powerful, and the headlamp headlamp is echoed with the engine cover and the sides of the car body. The tail molding line is full of feeling, moving as quiet, still moving. The ingenuity of the rear light and the rear end of the car is a smooth, smooth tail line, and a clever combination of the side window to form a tensity of the Citroen brand dual character model. The whole vehicle gives &ldquo, feel like a virgin, and move like a rabbit &rdquo.

The Dongfeng Citroen Sega is equipped with the same 2.0L 16V engine used in the triumph, using VVT variable valve timing technology to emit a powerful power of 108 KW with maximum power and maximum torque to 200N/M. In the same type of vehicle, the power performance is proud. In line with the Porsche Tiptronic technology manual integrated gearbox, bringing the car along with the heart, the combination of man and car driving experience. The 1.6L 16V engine is efficient and energy efficient, and the 90KM constant fuel consumption is only 6 litres. At the same time, Dongfeng Citroen Sega can also meet the IV emission standards of the state.

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