Sega three compartment 1.6 maintenance list less than 100 thousand yuan less than 5000 yuan

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Dongfeng Citroen formally launched the new economy car Sega three cars in May 15th, priced at 108 thousand and 800 -15.78 yuan. Sega three rooms are divided into 1.6 and 2 two kinds of displacement, of which 1.6 models are affected by the preferential policies of purchase tax, which have attracted the attention of consumers. So how much is the maintenance cost of Sega Sega three cars and 1.6 cars? It is believed that there must be many car owners and prospective owners who do not know much about the cost of their use, and the maintenance and maintenance will directly affect the cost of vehicle use. Next, we may briefly introduce Sega's maintenance items and prices, so as to provide some reference for consumers to buy cars.

1. Quality guarantee period, first guaranteed mileage and maintenance cycle.

at present, Dongfeng Citroen Sega three car has the same quality guarantee term as its next vehicle, all 2 years or 60 thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. In this period of time, any quality problem of your vehicle can follow the corresponding provisions to the 4S shop for testing and claim, to a certain extent, you have been relieved of worries. After the purchase of the car, the first maintenance proposal is done between 7000 and 8000 kilometers in the 4S store, and the next maintenance is done according to the cycle of 1 or 10000 to 15000 kilometers. In this way, Sega's three compartment 100 thousand kilometers natural maintenance times will reach 6-10 times, of which the first guarantee is free.

Two, 0-4.5 million kilometers maintenance costs totalling 1882 yuan.

Sega three compartment 1.6 needs to return to 4S shop at 7500 km for the first time maintenance, and try not to exceed 8000 km to go first. You don't have to pay for your first maintenance, because the maintenance is presented by the manufacturer. Then in the drive to 15 thousand kilometers to the 4S shop to do two maintenance, the maintenance including the replacement of inspection, cleaning, adjustment and so on a total of 23 work, the oil, machine filter replacement needs the owner to change their own expenses, the total cost of the two items is about 500 yuan. With the increase of the number of vehicles driving kilometers, each maintenance of the corresponding items will appear, so within 30 thousand kilometers you to Shijia three box 1.6 maintenance of the total cost about 900 yuan, 45 thousand maintenance costs for the two maintenance of the same cost, are 477 yuan. With a private car running 20 thousand kilometers per year, 45 thousand kilometers need to travel for about 2 years, with an average cost of about 80 yuan per month.

Three, 4.5-9 million kilometers maintenance costs increased gradually 90 thousand kilometers, total maintenance costs about 5000 yuan.

The maintenance cycle of Shijia three box 1.6 is 30 thousand kilometers, and every 30 thousand km needs to clean the gasoline filter, air filter, spark plug, and the cost is around 900 yuan. When driving to 90 thousand km, Sega three compartment 1.6 models need to change the timing belt, the maintenance cost is slightly higher, at 1600 yuan up and down. 45 thousand the maintenance cost of -9 million kilometers is about 3000 yuan, slightly higher than the maintenance cost of the first 45 thousand kilometers. Similarly, with a private car running 20 thousand kilometers per year, 90 thousand kilometers need to travel for 4 and a half years, with an average cost of 100 yuan per month.

Shijia three box has C4 WRC blazed sports gene, proud of the power matching and the new software upgrade Porsche Tiptronic technical hand self transmission, fully guaranteed driving fun. At the same time, compared with the same type of car, Sega three compartment has a more cost-effective configuration, not only marking speed cruise and speed limiter, but also having a central centralized control steering wheel and so on and original technology configuration.

The central set - controlled steering wheel of Sega three can bring &ldquo to consumers; everything is in the mastery of the ” its built-in airbag provides more accurate security. Supplemented by photosensitive adaptive combination meters, the driver's safety is ensured by &ldquo, &rdquo and driving. Sega three cars are also equipped with rare speed cruise and speed limiters of the same type of cars.

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