Love car routine maintenance, do not neglect to say bye bye to minor ailments

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The car oil consumption is inexplicable, the engine suddenly does not catch fire, the rain and scraping effect is not ideal … … these are all small faults, can also really make a human heart. Dongfeng Citroen technology expert Yin Dongliang said, in fact, many minor problems can be avoided by weekday maintenance.

There is no fire in a small engine.

The start of the engine is accomplished by the spark plug ignition by the current of the battery, which is likely to be caused by the rust of the battery or the leakage of the battery. On rainy days, the ignition of engine spark plugs will also cause no ignition. Yin Dongliang told reporters that every one or two months to see whether there is sufficient battery fluid in the battery. If the liquid level is located between the upper and lower two lines, it is considered appropriate.

in addition, the liquid level difference of each tank should also be checked. If the liquid level is insufficient, the lid on the top of the battery can be unscrewed, and the distilled water is added to fill the liquid level. Then check the terminals of the battery and use iron brushes to remove dirt from the terminals. If the wiring clamp is seriously stained, sandpaper can be rubbed along the inner wall and worn out. If the spark plug is damp, you can take it out and bake it with a lighter to evaporate the water above it as quickly as possible.

The inexplicable increase of two oil consumption

there are many reasons for the increase in fuel consumption, but the most common and easy to be ignored by the owners is the examination of tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will not only increase the running resistance, but also increase the fuel consumption, and will also affect the service life of the tire. Yin Dongliang said, when driving, pay more attention to whether the tyres are gas and check the tire pressure regularly. Of course, remember not to forget the spare tire inspection, so as to avoid the urgent need to change the tire.

when the temperature is high, the tire pressure will be higher than usual. Therefore, it is more accurate to measure tire pressure in cold weather. The tire should be changed ten thousand kilometers every time to avoid the difference between the front and rear wear.

The performance decline of the three engine

It is likely to be caused by the lack of oil, oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter for a long time, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion and increased engine carbon accumulation. Yin Dongliang said that the oil and oil filters should be replaced once every five thousand kilometers, while the air filter and the gasoline filter need to be replaced every ten thousand kilometers, otherwise the impurities in the air, fuel and oil will cause the parts to wear and block the oil, from which it affects the normal operation of the engine.

The instability of small hair disease four battery is unstable

the abnormal change of electrolyte will affect the performance and reliability of the battery. Yin Dongliang said that in summer, the battery will be overcharged, and the electrolyte will evaporate quickly and the plates will be damaged easily. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the liquid level and the specific gravity of the electrolyte, and often add distilled water to the battery. In winter, the storage battery should be avoided as far as possible, and pay attention to whether the electrolyte is frozen.

The effect of five rain and scraping is not good

the wiper blade will be damaged if it is damaged. Yin Dongliang told reporters, first of all, owners need to correct the bad habits of dry scratching. It is best to spray water and then wiper, which is good for protecting wiper blades. Second, the wiper sometimes clucking. When the wiper is intact, the owner should go to the 4S shop for the correction of the wiper angle. If the vehicle is parked for a long time, the owner can find a small thing like a foam strip, padding it under the rain and separating the windshield from the windshield, so it can prolong the service life of the wiper.

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