The new Elysee hatchback routine maintenance list is only 70 yuan in 4

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in February 26th.2009, Dongfeng Citroen formally launched the two car elyshe model, as a two car version of the best selling model, I believe there must be a lot of consumers pay attention to it. So, as an economical car, does its maintenance cost in the future be high? It is believed that there must be a prospective vehicle owner who is not fully aware of the cost of his service, and that maintenance in the future will directly affect the cost of vehicle use. Next, we may briefly introduce the new Elysee's two sides maintenance items and prices, so as to provide some reference for consumers to buy cars.

1. Quality guarantee period, first guaranteed mileage and maintenance cycle.

at present, the quality guarantee period of Dongfeng Citroen new Elysee hatchback and other Dongfeng Citroen models is the same, all of them are 2 years and 60 thousand kilometers, whichever comes first. In this period of time, any quality problem of your vehicle can follow the corresponding provisions to the 4S shop for testing and claim, to a certain extent, you have been relieved of worries. After the purchase of the car, the first maintenance proposal is done between 7000 and 8000 kilometers in the 4S store, and the next maintenance is done according to the cycle of 1 or 10000 to 15000 kilometers. In this way, the number of natural maintenance of the new Elysee 100 thousand kilometers will reach 6-10 times, of which the first guarantee is free.

The average monthly maintenance cost of two.0-4.5 km is about 60 yuan per month.

after the new Elysee bought the hatchback, it needs to return to 4S shop for maintenance for the first time at 7500 kilometers, and try not to exceed 8000 kilometers to get the first guarantee. You don't have to pay for your first maintenance, because the maintenance is presented by the manufacturer. Then in the drive to 15 thousand kilometers to the 4S shop to do two maintenance, the maintenance including the replacement of inspection, cleaning, adjustment and so on a total of 23 work, the oil, machine filter replacement needs the owner to change their own expenses, the total cost of the two items is about 300 yuan. With the increase of the number of vehicles driving kilometers, each maintenance of the corresponding items will appear, so in 30 thousand kilometers, the maintenance of the new elyshe in the total cost of about 700 yuan, 45 thousand maintenance costs for the two maintenance of the same cost, is about 300 yuan. With a private car running 20 thousand kilometers per year, 45 thousand kilometers need to travel for about 2 years, with an average cost of about 60 yuan per month.

Three, 4.5-9 million kilometers maintenance costs increased gradually 90 thousand kilometers, total maintenance costs about 3700 yuan.

The new elyshe compartment maintenance cycle is 30 thousand kilometers, and every 30 thousand kilometers needs to clean the gasoline filter, air filter, spark plug, the cost is around 700 yuan. When driving to 90 thousand kilometers, the new Elysee hatchback vehicle needs to change the timing belt, the maintenance cost is slightly higher, at 1400 yuan up and down. 45 thousand the maintenance cost of -9 million kilometers is about 2400 yuan, slightly higher than the maintenance cost of the first 45 thousand kilometers. Similarly, with a private car running 20 thousand kilometers per year, 90 thousand kilometers need to travel for 4 and a half years, with an average cost of about 70 yuan per month.

The new elyshe model has a great European charm, a double character type gear &rdquo, a logo, a glittering and translucent headlight, and a perfect combination of the family styling elements of the elyshe brand and the heavy stern tail design. A novel, beautiful, striking, and unique bottom sinking type decorating grille is in line with the aesthetic concept of the car. It can also guarantee the stability of driving better. As for interior decoration, the new Elysee's light color matching and the titanium silver decorative style dashboard give people a simple and comfortable feeling, showing younger fashion.

the design principle of space maximization is adopted in the new elyshe compartment: the unique design of the sole backplane floor and back seat floor, which greatly raises the utilization and convenience of the space; the back seat is flexible, and the owner can choose the space of backseat seat to fall or fold as a whole according to the needs of the car. Change. The largest rear space of the new elyshe is 1146L, which is far greater than the other cars of the same level. It can easily meet the needs of the user's daily work, leisure and large goods shipment.

The new elyshe is carrying the same PSA group European synchronous, global shared 1.6L16V engine, with the maximum power of 78 kW. The load per unit power is the smallest of the same type, the emission reaches the national IV standard, the 60 km isokinetic oil consumption is only 5.0L; the PSS rear wheel follows the patented technology. Make the whole car have excellent tail flick, anti slip performance, with the same high-end models of Audi A6 and other high-end models on the BOSCH 8.1 version of the ABS+EBD system, to ensure that the new elyshe's two boxes to achieve excellent control and excellent security combination. The new Elysee has more than 20 chassis and bodywork optimization and upgrading measures for the chassis, which significantly reduces the noise of the chassis and body.

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