New Elysee maintenance price detailed list less than 100 thousand yuan less than 3400 yuan

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-17

As the first new car of Dongfeng Citroen in 2008, new Elysee has been upgraded and redesigned on the basis of the original model. Once it was launched, it was immediately popular with domestic consumers, and it once appeared at the initial stage of the market. As a best-selling economic car, new Elysee believes that many owners and prospective owners do not know much about the cost of their use, and the maintenance and maintenance will directly affect the cost of vehicle use. Next, we may briefly introduce the new Elysee's maintenance items and prices, so as to provide some reference for consumers to buy cars.

Dongfeng Citroen new Elysee and the same grade vehicle quality guarantee period is the same, are 2 years 60 thousand kilometers, first come to the standard. The first maintenance proposal is done between 7000 and 8000 kilometers in the 4S store, and the next maintenance is done according to the cycle of 1 or 10000 to 15000 kilometers, as well as first. In this way, the number of natural maintenance of new Elysee 100 thousand kilometers will reach 6-10 times, of which the first guarantee is free.

After the first free maintenance, the owner needs to go to the 4S shop in time to do maintenance in time 15000 kilometers, including the replacement of inspection, cleaning, adjustment and other 23 work, of which the oil, machine filter change needs the owner to replace the owner, 4S shop and recommend cleaning the throttle, a total of 353.6 yuan. The second maintenance needs to be done within 30000 kilometers. In addition to the first replaceable project, air filter, spark plug and cleaning nozzle and intake port should be replaced, and the owner needs to spend 854.6 yuan at this time. In addition to changing the first warranty, the third maintenance should be replaced by gas filtration, which will cost 479.6 yuan. After the new Elysee, the maintenance is still in the 45000 kilometer cycle, and the next item that needs maintenance is the same as before. It can be calculated that the new Elysee 45000 kilometers, the total cost of maintenance of 1687.8 yuan. Therefore, when elya is 100 thousand kilometers (including the first maintenance of the kilometer 7000-8000 km), the total cost of maintenance will not exceed 3400 yuan, and it is still quite competitive in the same grade model.

New Elysee's redesigned front face, U character styling stable, and the front of the logo changed to the latest Citroen type “ double ” car logo modeling, showing a strong Citroen family temperament, this old model more “ Citroen ” In the car of the new elyshe, it has a broad sense of sight, a good seat, a four - spoke steering wheel, a light color interior and a reasonable layout that makes people feel full of affinity and can realize the uniqueness of Dongfeng Citroen in the design of the home car.

On power, new Elysee's 1.6L16V engine has not changed, but the engine is a small and high-energy engine shared by PSA worldwide, with a maximum power of 106 horse power and a national IV standard. Moreover, the design of the new Elysee chassis is still a continuation of the Citroen style. The suspension is not very strong, and the road is comfortable in the urban area. At the same time, the 8.1ABS+EBD system, which is assembled by new elyshe, is more stable and more sensitive. When the speed is more than 10km/h, the central control door lock system will lock the door automatically, and the 4 reversing radar on the end of the car will increase the active safety performance of the vehicle to a certain extent.

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