Common problems and solutions of maintenance and maintenance of Citroen Elysee

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Elysee is one of the &ldquo, the new three &rdquo, and has won the favor of the vast number of consumers for its high cost performance. Recently, Dongfeng Citroen new Elysee 2010 listed, the launch of 2 levels of 3 models, the market guidance price from 7.38 to 84 thousand and 800. Although the Elysee model has been in the Chinese market for some time, but the model in the daily use of the process still exposed some minor problems. Now we invite experts to answer the common problems of the old new Elysee, hoping to give the owner a reference.

Allocation problem

the new Elysee 2010 is based on the rich safety equipment of the original models, and starts from the details to create a comprehensive safety care for users. The whole system has added an electronic password anti-theft system to effectively improve the security of the vehicle, and the four probe radar system makes the parking more safe and convenient, and the auto lock is also greatly enhanced the safety factor in the driving process.

Sometimes, Elysee always flicker in the air bag lamp. This is the special problem of the Elysee car. Because the airbag is installed under the seat, the original pretension connector is damaged after the installation of the floor glue, which affects the connection. In addition, the air bag system is other. Part of the fault, airbag lights will flash alarm, so remind users to service station maintenance. And consumers need to reconnect when they install floor glue in the 4S store.

The problem of abnormal sound

2010 new alelah is a new elyshe's a “ deformed ” the standard version added a reverse radar, an electronic burglar device, and an automatic lock on the basis of the new elyshe. However, it is basically unchanged in appearance.

vehicle owners generally reflect that the new Elysee has a large noise at low speed. This is due to the relative movement of the brake disc with the brake disc at low speed, which will cause the brake disc to produce a high temperature, and the surface material of the brake disc hardened at high temperature. The friction between the brake disc and the brake disc may lead to noise. If the brake disc has hard particle impurities on the surface, it may also produce brake noise. It can go to the service station to do the grinding and cleaning of the brake pad.

Driving problems

the new Elysee employs a 1.6L engine with a maximum power of 78/5750KW/rpm; the maximum torque is 142/4000N· m/rpm; the emission reaches the national IV standard. The front and rear suspension is Mike Fossoun independent suspension / longitudinal swing arm independent suspension. The new elyshe retains the Citroen family's rear wheel servo technology, and is equipped with the domestic leading BOSCH8.1ABS+EBD system, which makes the 100 thousand - level model still rare and is a leading configuration.

sometimes, the owner will feel that the new Elysee manual gearbox is difficult to hang on the first and second gear. This is due to the speed reduction, the speed is not up to a certain speed (lower than the speed of the gear), synchronizer is difficult to synchronize, push the transmission rod can also be put into, long such work, synchronizer easy to wear, lower gear more and more difficult. The vehicle stops in the original place. The first and second gear is more powerful than the three or four gear because the shifting lever moves to the left to overcome the spring force. This is a normal phenomenon. In this case, when the driver changes gears, the clutch should be completely trampled to the bottom. If the vehicle does not stop completely, it will solve the problem. At the same time, the floor mat and floor glue should not affect the clutch pedal travel. Sometimes it is difficult for the new elyshe manual to hang up, because the new elyshe has no synchronizer in the reverse, so the owner does not hang up when the car doesn't stop completely.

The new elyshe model is slower than the other similar models. The new Elysee model engine is a high speed engine with electronic throttle technology, but the engine has a short delay in the start, so the consumer will feel a slow start.
The manual models in low speed transmission rod shaking badly, this is not because of the new Elysee models of flexible shaft control speed control mechanism, engine vibration through the rigid rod to handle variable speed control. The engine of the new elyshe model still has the condition that the idle speed is unstable when the car is cold. This is due to the large resistance of the engine, if the engine oil supply, ignition, and the air intake system are polluted, after the function has decreased, it is directly displayed in the cold start idle speed, and the user can be suggested to the service station to check, Clean the system.

sometimes the owner will find it difficult to restart the new Elysee vehicle due to improper operation. This is due to the time before the improper operation, the electric injection system is still supplying oil, this part of the gasoline remains in the intake system because of the flameout, which affects the concentration of the next starting mixture. After the car owners encounter this situation, they are not in a hurry to start, keep the accelerator on the ground for a minute, then release the accelerator and start again.

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