The new car runs on a phased maintenance stage, leaving the rear brake

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since the beginning of this year, under the guidance and encouragement of national policies, Car sales have gone all the way. Many people have joined the car owners. The owners of these new cars are very protective of their first car. In fact, the use of a new car in the running up period is very critical to the performance of the whole car, so how can the new car spend the period of the running in safety, what should be paid attention to in the process of driving and how to maintain it? Today, let's talk about the driving requirements in the running in period.

the new car should run 3000 kilometers running in period. This is the basic mileage to ensure the full contact, friction, adaptation and stereotype of the machine. In order to maintain the best condition and extend the service life of the mechanical system in the future, we must drive carefully.

Phased maintenance

First, 100 kilometers, the new friction brake has not reached 100% of the brake effect, the brake should be ahead of time, especially in the first 200 kilometers, the tire friction is not enough, so the brake should be more force than normal conditions. This is also included in the new tire or new brake pedal.

Secondly, in the first 500 kilometers, the new tire has not yet reached the best adhesion, and should avoid the emergency brake when turning quickly.

again, driving speed should not exceed 100 kilometers per hour, and the speed should not exceed 2500.

Then, at the first 2500-3500 kilometers, the water temperature has reached the working temperature (the water temperature pointer is half the scale), which can be gradually improved to the maximum speed or the maximum engine speed.

Finally, after a regular maintenance of 3000 kilometers (using the original oil), the coordination between all the moving parts in the car can reach the smooth state of movement, and it can play the best performance of the vehicle.

Do not keep in high speed for a long time

high speed can also increase the load of engine and transmission parts. So the speed of the car should be controlled within the specified range. From 1000 km to 1500 km, the engine speed and speed can be gradually increased to the maximum tacit speed. It is not allowed to use the first or high speed gears for a long time. Do not allow the speed to reach the limit in each block. The speed of each hour should be controlled within 3/4 range of the top speed. It is generally: 1 gear 25 kilometers, 2 gear 40 kilometers, 3 gear 60 kilometers, 4 gear 90 kilometers, 5 block 100 kilometers. Do not practice the car skill at this time, run fast.

The period of &ldquo in the period of running in; first ”

because of the running in period between the parts, excessive load and excessive speed will aggravate the impact on the parts. In addition, in the running in period, we should also pay attention to not to brake as much as possible, and the cold car should be preheated. Strive to be slow start, slow stop.

Start preheating, brake separation. Avoid emergency braking as far as possible. The hand brake must be completely loosened in driving, because the brake disc is thicker and the gap between the brake drum is small. If not completely loosened, the brake disc and the brake drum will be damaged by long friction and even cause an accident.

It is necessary to pay attention to “ the first leave brake ” the measures taken to protect the engine in a very high period of time and in a very state (emergency brake), not to be used as a good habit for a long time. When the vehicle passed “ the maintenance of ” period, from the clutch maintenance, it should be “ the first brake after the ” a lot of novice in the school car, because of fear of flameout, forget to tread clutch, to slow down the clutch, even hang high or low gear, also in order to shift convenience, also in order to shift convenient, clutch off convenient. Feet. In this way, the brake and shift will make the car run smoothly, but it will cause little damage to the clutch.

In addition, the gear shift to constant speed, the rolling in the vehicle should step by step in driving, with the lowest gear start, gradually shift position, must not use high gear low speed driving, or low gear high speed driving, and frequently shift position. Do not use a gear for a long time.

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