Five ways to avoid high speed stealth killer safe driving is guaranteed

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Driving school

it is also more exciting than the battlefield, which is the evaluation of Chinese highway by foreigners. Although there are exaggerations, there is no lack of objectivity. Driving on the Chinese freeway is not only to be vigilant about the vehicles that change the lines at random and not to light the lights, but also to avoid the garbage thrown away by the car, and even more, to be beware of the unidentified objects falling from the sky, such as stone and iron. A few days ago, “ the most beautiful driver ” Wu Bin was hit by iron flown from the opposite lane, and was killed. As a car owner, we can not say no to the highway because it is really the first choice for fast travel. But by grasping the details, we can maximize the risk aversion.

TOP1: overtaking the overtake for a long time

The left lane at the high speed is the overtaking lane. As the name suggests, the main purpose of overtaking lane is overtaking rather than driving. The correct way is to get over the car and go back to the original road, not for a long time to occupy this is the default driving principle of the whole world, but China has not been realized because of many cars.

In comparison with the Middle Road, the overtaking road will face more dangers: one is the object flying from the opposite vehicle, the object may be a piece of iron, and it may be a whole car. The car is not in a small number of cars flying through the isolation belt. Because it is opposite, the object is relatively faster than 150km/h and can easily break through the front gear. Glass, and then the passenger in the car. Two is a breakthrough in front of obstacles, only to the right to hide, if the middle lane also has obstacles, then there is no way; the middle lane is different, there are about two directions. Three, there will be more slow trains. Chinese vehicles favor overtaking roads, even trucks, and they like to run on the overtaking lane.

TOP2: to “ madman ” give way

&ldquo at high speed; if a car is a rocket, &rdquo is not a minority. A lot of national road cars, City there are many roads and traffic lights, and only a wide and straight highway can drive. In many places, the highway has become a ruthless and rich stage, and the other vehicles on the high speed road become the &ldquo they use to surpass; the slow vehicle ” or “ the roadblock ”

On the high speed road, you should watch the six ways and listen to the six ways. If the rearview mirror suddenly appears a car that doesn't exist a few seconds before, and the sound of the roar of the engine quickly approaches, all you can do is to be far away. There are two ways to leave: one is to leave the route in time, to the left to the left, which is suitable for a far distance case; the two is to maintain the existing line, the line, and no brake, so that the rear car is overtaking from both sides, which is suitable for the closer distance. Remember, do not follow these self expanding “ crazy ” fight fast.

TOP3: watch out for the front car window

when driving at high speed, you suddenly notice that the front car opens windows to wake up the spirit, because the front car windows are not for ventilation, but more for garbage disposal. There are many kinds of trash thrown out, peel, paper scraps, cans, &hellip, &hellip, and even garbage bags. Either way, it will interfere with driving. After the tire is rolled hard, there may be a tire burst. Once the tire is blown out, the vehicle will get out of control. If you choose to hide, it will cause runaway as it is running at high speed. The correct approach is: if the distance is closer, choose to overtake, do not let garbage interfere with driving; if the distance is far away, choose another lane to pass. The most embarrassing situation is that the distance is not far from near. At this time, watch the composition of the garbage carefully: if it is the peel paper, it is rolled directly; if it is hard, choose the right angle and let the hard material pass through the chassis. Do not rush to the steering wheel. Sometimes, you may bump into it or avoid it.

TOP4: pay attention to the sudden change of line vehicles

Many driving skill articles refer to “ keep a proper distance from the front car ” one of the reasons is to avoid the rear end, and the more reason is to keep up the space to prevent the sudden incorporation of the vehicle. “ the front trolley suddenly turned into a line, and it was hard to let the rear car stop &rdquo. You can't put security on others, the most correct way is to improve your vigilance, keep an eye on the trend of the front car, side car, and rear car, find that there is a sign of changing line, and prepare for it in advance: if the front vehicle changes line, the foot is placed on the brake pedal, and the brake is ready at any time; the side car suddenly accelerates the line most suddenly. Danger should be slowed down for the first time; the high speed variable line vehicles coming from behind are usually staggering, and it is easy to see that the existing speed and lane can be maintained.

TOP5: far away from the van

The freight car is very important, the brake distance is long, and the freight car likes “ does not take the ordinary road ” “ the most beautiful driver ” in the event, the truck is walking on the overway, and the brake drum fragments flying out of Wu Bin. It's not all, most of the trucks have no containers, bundled the goods with rope, &ldquo, and ” the car loses its center of gravity. So, seeing the lorry on the high speed road is the first choice. If the truck is in front, increase the throttle and overtake from the right side; if the truck is behind, it should not be taken lightly. Avoid being in the “ there is a truck before and a truck &rdquo. In case of rear end collision, there will be no more airbags and electronic configuration.

Conclusion: no opportunity for others to hit you

It reminds the driver that the steering wheel is on your hand. You should understand that all the security configurations are the icing on the cake, and you are the ultimate security. There is no harm in your heart. You can't bump into others. You should try your best to be a civilized driver. However, there is no need to prevent people from being hurt. They should not give other vehicles a chance to bump into you or hurt passengers in the car. In the last word, China's high speed road is changing. The above five details are not all safe driving. More experience will be accumulated in actual driving. Only one day, you can say that I don't hit others, and others can't hit me, then you are a safe driver.

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