Vehicle air conditioning is not cool may be the wind direction 26 degree most appropriate

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with the increase of temperature, more and more car owners have started using air conditioning. At the same time, many owners, especially those who drive more than half an hour, feel discomfort, even feel dizzy, eyesore, nausea and loss of appetite, or feel lung discomfort, chest tightness and lack of strength. Some owners think they are right Car Air conditioning is not suitable. In fact, this phenomenon is called &ldquo in medicine; &rdquo in automobile air conditioning. How did they come from? Xiaobian summed up the following misunderstandings, to remind you to pay more attention!

Principle of air conditioning and refrigeration

the refrigeration device is the air conditioner that most of us think. The typical structure includes air conditioning compressor, condenser, condenser cooling fan, expansion valve, evaporator and blower and related air conditioning pipeline. The refrigerant is filled with the refrigerant in the closed system. The refrigerant is circulated under the action of the compressor, and the condenser is liquefied from the gaseous state to the liquid in the engine room, and the heat is released, and the heat is absorbed by the liquid in the vehicle, so as to reduce the temperature in the car.

Cleanliness is very important

some owners always think about cleaning the air conditioner when the performance of the air conditioner is bad. The air conditioner filter should be replaced regularly because of the more dust in spring and the flutters of the willow. All these will be contaminated on the filter. It is easy to grow the bacteria and produce mildew, so it is better to change the air conditioning filter after spring.

cleaning with detergent is also a necessary step. Before disinfection, the food and towel should be removed to avoid odor absorption. Find the outer air inlet of the car, open the hood if necessary, start the engine, open the window, and put the AC file of the air conditioner on O.FF The circulation gear is transferred to the outer loop and the fan is opened to the maximum; the air conditioning cleaning agent is injected into the strongest position of the air inlet of the car; the cleaning agent will flow to the evaporator direction, cleaning the mold and dust adsorbed on the evaporator; after all the injection, the fan will continue to move for 10 to 15 minutes; after 10 minutes, the sewage is drained from the drain. Outside the car, the air outlet of the air conditioner sends out clean air.

Here remind everyone of the owners, generally in the city road conditions, three thousand kilometers or so we need to replace the air conditioning filter, so that the intake system can not only be more clean, but also can avoid the cooling capacity decline because of the air conditioning filter core blockage.

Ventilation first, and then air conditioning cycle

many car owners are accustomed to entering the vehicle to turn on the internal circulation of the air conditioner, which is believed to make the temperature drop a little faster. In fact, this is wrong! Because the temperature inside the car is higher than that outside the car, the cold air is blowing on the body, so it is easy to catch cold and diarrhea. When you first enter the vehicle, you should first open windows and ventilate, and open the outer loop to drain out the heat. When the temperature drops inside the car, it will be replaced by internal circulation.

Air conditioning never blows

Some owners do not pay attention to adjust the direction of the outlet, when the cold wind &ldquo, Shuang Shuang &rdquo, but it is also easy to blow out arthritis. And it is not conducive to the effect of air conditioning refrigeration, according to the principle of cold air sinking, hot air rising, the correct method should be, when open air, the air outlet will be upwards, and when the heat is opened, the vent will go down.

In addition, the temperature of air conditioning should not be too low. It is generally recommended that the temperature control of the vehicle air conditioner is good at 26 degrees Celsius. Besides, in general, the difference between the temperature inside the vehicle and the ambient temperature is better than 6-7 degrees.

The air conditioning should not be open for a long time

Many owners in the car, after the air conditioning, in the low temperature environment will stimulate the rapid contraction of blood vessels, blood circulation is not smooth, guide the hands and feet cold numbness, stiff waist and back, affecting driving safety. Moreover, the long time use of air conditioning will cause the condenser pressure to be too large, which will cause losses to the refrigeration system. Therefore, the air conditioning time should not be too long. When the temperature inside the vehicle reaches a comfortable temperature, it can turn off the air conditioner and leave it in a few minutes.

if it is really hot, the internal and external circulation systems should be switched frequently to ensure that there are enough &ldquo in the vehicle, fresh &rdquo, and air.

Pay attention to the &ldquo in the car; PM2.5”

nose sensitive vehicle owners should pay special attention to the concept of “ PM2.5&rdquo. In general, the air cleaning equipment in the car does do fine dust such as pollen, but it is difficult to completely filter the PM2.5 particles by the ordinary filter of the air conditioner in the car. At the same time, the summer day long time open air conditioning, the car is a relatively dense space, easier to cause respiratory diseases, the nose sensitive car owners, is a major threat to health. The owners can choose to use PM2.5 air conditioning filter according to their ability.

A warm breeze should be opened after the rain.

After a rainy day, the inside of the car will often have a moldy flavor, which can turn the warm air to the maximum, open for about 20 minutes, so that the moisture in the car will evaporate rapidly; or Sunshine (reference, picture, enquiry) open the door and trunk, thoroughly ventilating and dampness, and avoid sensitive skin. It is best not to use perfume to cover up the mildew, because some of the mildew is caused by perfume, such as an acid lemon flavored perfume, which is more easily mouldy and flavored.

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