Night driving, step by step, frighten the old driver, seven safe driving experiences

Category:Car skills - Date:2018-04-17

First, change hands frequently, without rest: It is necessary to speed up the switching frequency at night. Generally speaking, the switching frequency is 2~4 hours, but that is daytime; the night driving, one hour must change hands, the longest not more than two hours; even if a driver has a long time of rest, full of spirit, and must rotate. The driver who has been replaced should take the time to rest in the back seat. If only one person in the car has to miss the car at night, then see any service area, regardless of size, go to the station, take 15~30 minutes after rest and continue to drive the road.

Two. Reduce driving speed: In the evening, the road is full of large and small trucks. When the freight car is full, the goods sometimes cover the taillight. Only when it is very close can we see that the driving at night should reduce the speed of the car consciously, and the speed will be controlled in the 70%~80% during the day. In driving, if conditions permit, it should be further away from the truck. When you need to exceed the truck, you should also honk the horn in addition to switching the lighting reminder, causing the driver to pay attention. When you go beyond a single truck, you should be crisp and ready to step on the accelerator; you must continue to surpass the truck, especially when there is only a little gap between the different lanes and a little bit.

Three. Pay attention to “ warning ” items: If some stones, bricks, branches and other objects appear on the road without omen, the brakes should be lightly stepped on the brakes for the first time, changing the driveway, and placing the foot on the brake pedal. These objects may be a warning, not every car with a warning three feet, they can only use these things to remind the driver behind, to see them, maybe not far ahead of a car.

Four. Abrupt fog: first, the fog light will be opened to reduce the speed of the vehicle. If the speed of the vehicle is moderate, it is the most economical way to follow the vehicle on the premise of ensuring the safe distance. When the fog is very large, we must further reduce vehicle speed, such as 20km/h, and open double flash. At this point, we should not exceed the front car as far as possible.

Five. Take care of the overtaking. Many truck drivers, in order to be safe at night, have also installed two high power searchlights in addition to the original far light lights, which are taken into the eyes of white flowers and nothing can be seen. When driving on the national highway, feet must be placed on the brake plate and ready to brake at any time. When crossing the road, twelve spirits must be played to ensure that there is no vehicle in the opposite lane during the long distance. Once you find something, you can't brake it in time and return to the original driving route.

six. Accept “ baptism ” during the meeting, turn the headlight to a low light. This is a driving etiquette and is also a way to improve driving safety. Remember, you have to switch, and be prepared to accept each other. Not the other party will not, but the other person has forgotten or intends to do so. These people will switch at the beginning, but they can not change the respect of the other side, but also develop the habit of not switching over time. For this kind of vehicle, do not complain, nor do you want to “ mutual harm ” it really does not benefit anyone.

seven. at night, the light from the car can not see all the roads. It is necessary to use all the lights to see the road conditions, such as turning the headlights on. This is a skill to practice more while ensuring safety. Instead of looking directly at the headlights, we need to use more of them. In addition, when buying and buying vehicles, if the economy is allowed, try to buy vehicles with xenon headlights, LED light sources, headlights steering technology and night vision system, which can help improve the safety of night traffic.

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