How to avoid traps and buy pies for online shopping auto products

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-17

Mr. Li bought a set of automatic parking system for the original German version on the Internet. I thought that the service staff of the 4S store could easily help him. When he took the equipment to the 4S shop, the service staff told him that there was no installation experience and did not dare to install it at will. Then he went to the professional auto parts city and a number of professional auto repair plants, and the answers were all unable to install. In desperation, Mr. Lee returned to shop, but the seller said that the product could not be returned without quality problems. As a result, Mr. Li spent more than 4000 yuan to purchase the automatic parking system. Then, what problems should we pay attention to when buying online car supplies? How to avoid “ trap ” eat “ pie &rdquo?

[expert answer]

It's really convenient to buy car supplies online. On the one hand, the price on the website is much cheaper than that of the entity store; on the other hand, many owners who have bought the same product will share the experience of using the product on the website and evaluate the quality of the product, which provides a good basis for other buyers. In addition, relying on overseas purchasing, we can also buy spare parts that are not sold in China, which makes many owners become advocates of online shopping auto parts. However, considering the experience of many riders, there are still some risks in buying the following kinds of automotive products online.

first, vehicle DVD, navigation, anti-theft device, reversing radar and so on. This kind of product often can not find the quality problem in time, only after installation can be found, but then want to return, often say not clear.

The second is the anti-theft device, the solar film and so on. If it is not for professionals, it is recommended not to buy more sophisticated auto parts online, such as burglar alarm, solar film, keyless entry system, etc. If you still need to spend money to install someone, you may as well buy it directly in the physical store.

Again, it is a large piece of tyres. If you find a set of affordable tire on the Internet, you'd better ask the logistics distribution fee before ordering, so as to avoid extra budgetary expenses.

last, liquid products such as oil and antifreeze. Good oil is expensive, and owners want to get cheap goods online. However, the oil and other products themselves are inflammable and explosive products, and the risks and costs in the transportation process still need to be considered.

However, for some common common parts, such as wiper, gasoline filter, air filter, lamps and some appearance accessories, and so on, is more suitable for online shopping, because these parts are easy to install, and the second is easy to distinguish true and false. For those who want to purchase the import parts of the owner of the car owners, it is recommended to consult the local 4S shop first, see whether the domestic version of the vehicle support, 4S shop is related to the installation services, and so on.

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