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Car air conditioners have not been used for a winter. Many owners feel that they smell different when they start. Especially those smells like moldy, which make the car workers feel very uncomfortable. In this regard, some owners like to insert some aromatherapy in the air conditioning outlet, and some of them simply go to the air.4S store cleaning the whole air conditioning system and piping.

in fact, there are three more effective ways to remove odor from air conditioners, which is worth a try. Some methods are especially suitable for DIY. You may as well experience it yourself.

1. changes the evaporator equipment and manually clean the bottom of the shell of the air-conditioning heating device.

2. clean the evaporator and spray disinfectant to the bottom of the shell of the air conditioning heating device to eliminate mold.

the two methods in front of.3. are slightly complicated, and the third methods are simple. The air conditioning can be hit to the highest temperature of the hot air and open for 15 minutes continuously. The mildew taste will be effectively removed, and the mold and the odor are cleared by ourselves.

DIY purchase of air conditioner cleaning agent can be done by oneself

first, you can buy air conditioner cleaning agent or disinfectant and deodorant spray in the automotive supplies market. Then, open the window, start the engine, then turn off the AC gear of the air conditioner, open to the outside circulating gear, and then open the fan to the maximum. At this time, find the external air inlet of the vehicle, spray the inside of the cleaning agent, the cleaning agent will attach to the evaporator surface with the wind, and will adsorb the dust and mould in the evaporator, and then let the fan run for 15 minutes. Next, the cleaning agent will be discharged from the drain pipe, and the whole operation time will take about half an hour.

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