China is also affected by the shortage of BMW parts

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-17

According to the news of Bloomberg, BMW updating the supply management (logistics) system in Germany, resulting in Dealers spare parts are in short supply, so consumers are forced to queue up for repairs. Chinese and American BMW dealer parts orders were also affected.

Shortage of BMW parts

Manfred Grunert, a BMW spokesman, said the central warehouse in Ding Gefen (Dingolfing), Germany, was unable to deliver a sufficient amount of spare parts as soon as it switched to the new supply management system two months ago. Ding Gefen supplies parts to 40 BMW parts distribution centers and 300 repair stations in Germany. The proportion of spare parts shortage is about 10%.

Weiler Gruppe, one of the two largest suppliers of BMW Germany (Weller). The presidentBurkhard Weller points out: “ we will disappoint some 180 consumers every month, which means that 20% of the customers who repair the car will be affected. This problem appears on all 16 of our maintenance sites. The car owner was unable to use the car normally, and it was difficult to soothe it. ”

BMW has increased the working shift of spare parts workers to shorten the waiting time for consumers to repair cars and to realize the normalization of the new supply management system in the early September.

the German University of Applied Sciences, ·, Gerard Bach, Bergisch (Gladbach) Car Stefan Bratzel, director of the center, commented that because BMW enjoyed the reputation of luxury brands, the car owners were particularly sensitive to queuing up, “ I could not think of any comparable cases that could be a few months like this. ”

Involving China and the United States

apart from German dealers, BMW dealers in China and the United States are also under pressure. BMW spokesman Kenn Sparks said most of the delays in the US were special orders.

BMW dealers in China have encountered similar problems. China Auto Service Holdings Limited now has 20 BMW dealerships that supply parts from Shanghai, Beijing and Foshan warehouses, which are mainly supplied from the Ding Gefen center. In some cases, it must be directly negotiated with parts manufacturers for special orders.

in fact, Germany as early as June has already covered the shadow of spare parts, earlier than China and the United States.

In July, Manfred Schoch, the head of the BMW trade union, disclosed that the dealers had been troubled by the shortage of parts and parts during the previous month, and the problem should be attributed to the poor management of BMW, “ the 1200 cars were hoarded in the dealerships and were unable to be repaired. We were losing huge sales and profits. ”

BMW refused to comment on its parts suppliers.

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