Maintenance knowledge is not careless, five oil, three water is essential

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-17

“ five oil and three water ” neither eating nor drinking, but in recent years. Car regular maintenance basic items promoted by fast maintenance shop. Modern The owner of the car must not know.

the rapid growth of domestic automobile maintenance industry is fast growing, and the drivers are often in contact with these operators. Naturally, it absorbs some maintenance common sense, &ldquo and five oil and three water ” it is the most often used by the industry to educate the owner of the maintenance concept, which is of considerable importance to the automobile maintenance.

“ five oil ” it refers to oil, brake oil, automatic transmission oil (self exhausting), gear oil (hand row) and differential oil; “ three water ” it refers to cooling water, wiper water, and battery water. The general owner is more familiar with the inspection and replacement of the oil, but the other items are equally important, and must by no means. Regard as unimportant。

The Castrol automobile maintenance center, which is established by the world famous lubricating oil industry in the platform, says that the automatic transformer oil is responsible for the power transmission and lubrication of automatic transmission. It should check the oil per 5000 kilometers per 20 thousand kilometre or a year. It is best to use the oil changing machine to dry all the old oil, not to take part of the leakage. Add and remove the magnet and filter screen from the bottom of the gearbox to absorb metal dust impurities, and then add new oil. The selection of transmission oil should be based on the recommended specifications of the vehicle manual, using products with high shear resistance and stable quality.

in addition to the regular replacement of automatic speed box oil, Castrol also recommends that you should check with yourself at any time. First, the engine must reach the working temperature, step on the brake, and then put each gear into the P file, then open the head of the engine cover to check the amount, such as the amount of oil reached the upper limit of the calibrated scale, and then the color, the bright red is clean, the dark red shows dirty; and finally smell, if there is a coke that indicates clutch film. Improper friction combustion now? Therefore, it can be judged from the abnormal phenomenon of driving whether to replace or add. The inspection and replacement mileage of the gear oil of the hand truck is the same as that of the automatic transmission oil.

The brake oil is replaced every 20 thousand kilometers or a year, the higher the DOT series, the better the quality, the more common DOT 4 and DOT5. At present, the highest rank in the world is the latter. The car owners can choose the brake system design and driving habits of the car, and the characteristics of oil should consider the performance of anti lock.

Finally, cooling water is used to improve water boiling point and reduce ice point to maintain cooling effect, rust prevention and waterproof scale, to protect the water pump to prevent the valve card from the thermostat valve and to lubricate the waterway. Every 20 thousand km or a year must be replaced.

On weekdays, often check the addition, check the method to reach the working temperature to view the auxiliary water tank, the water level to reach the upper limit of the standard is normal, and too late is not right.

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