Pay attention to oil storage battery after storm in rainy season

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-17

Replace oil and air filter

after the storm, there are several things to be replaced: oil and oil filters, air filters, air conditioning filters. Oil and oil filters are likely to be invaded by rainwater in heavy rain, resulting in damage to the lubrication system, so it is best to replace them in time. Air filter and air conditioner filter are easy to damp and lose the effect of clean air. The former will cause the engine intake problem, which makes the internal combustion insufficient, causes damage to the engine, and the latter will make the air in the car mouldy and so on.

Dehumidification after rain and maintenance of storage battery

in the case of torrential rain, the work of dehumidification must also be done. First open the cold air, remove the fog and dehumidification. In addition to cooling and dehumidifying, it is best to buy a simple dehumidifier box with a roll of toilet paper. When it is clear, the owner can find a cool place, open all the door and rear compartment lid, let the moisture out and ventilation in the car, then remove the foot pad and seat cover in the car to dry. Yan Jiankui, the post office manager of Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda, said that after the rain, we should pay special attention to the inspection and maintenance of batteries. If you see green deposits at the battery terminals during the inspection, wash them away with boiling water and blow dry and spray protective agents to prevent oxidation.

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