Be careful when driving in the rainy season. Do not start the car when it is flooded

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

the insurance company will not be responsible for the damage to the engine caused by the intake of the insured motor vehicle.

The reporter learned from some 4S stores that some car owners were flooded with the damage to the engine, the insurance company did not give compensation, the reason is not within the scope of insurance.

so how to minimize the loss when the vehicle is flooded? To this end, the reporter interviewed the relevant persons in the insurance industry to see what they said.

Journalists from the insurance companies, such as the Chinese people's insurance, safety insurance and land insurance, have learned that in the insurance clauses of the loss of household cars, the insurers are responsible for the loss of the insured motor vehicles due to lightning strikes, hail disasters, heavy rain, floods, and tsunamis. However, the insured is not responsible for the damage to the engine caused by the intake of the insured motor vehicle. Land insurance Changchun branch of a staff member said: “ if it is a rainstorm caused by vehicle loss, such as: rainstorm flooding and body, causing damage to the car's circuit, cushion, and some parts of the interior, consumers can claim compensation by reporting car damage, and the damage caused by the engine water, the insurance company is not responsible for compensation. Only when the insured vehicle is insured, will the owner obtain a corresponding compensation for the risk of a wading insurance. ”

People in the industry remind the owner that when the car is flooded or waded, do not start the engine, contact the insurance company or 4S store directly, and ask them how to deal with it. An engine with a static state or a flameout after wading, even if the engine or car enters the water, if no longer starts, usually does not cause much damage, as long as the simple maintenance of the engine can work normally, and within the insurance company's claim range; if the engine is forced to start after the intake of water, it will cause the engine. Engine damage, maintenance costs less than a few thousand, more than 10000, these costs are borne by the owners themselves.

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