The windshield wiper is easy to fail

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after a rainstorm, many owners feel that their cars are different from normal ones. This is normal, because wet and muddy is the enemy of the car, the car outside the car will be affected. The important thing is to maintain in time after rain, otherwise it will bring hidden danger. Below is the situation often encountered after concentrating rain. The owners can check and solve their problems according to the technician's method.

Condition 1: the engine starts powerless in a rainy day

the most important part of the rainy season is the &ldquo of the car; heart ” — — the maintenance of the engine. A vehicle owner may run into an engine that is not easy to start on rainy days. Sometimes even if he barely starts up, he will be weak.

The solution: the biggest cause of this trouble is the leakage of electricity generated by the ignition system. Once the ignition system is found to cause poor ignition and engine performance because of the humidity of the ignition system, dry paper towel or dry cloth can be used to dry the inside and outside of the disks and wires, if it is because the aging leakage must be changed in time.

rainy days often involve wading. After wading, the performance of vehicles decreases due to multiple water intake, which can cause the car to run normally. This, of course, is probably caused by the leakage of electricity from the ignition system. Because cloudy rainwater is the best conductor, and the circuit is likely to cause short circuit after encountering water.

If the engine is suddenly flameout and does not repeatedly ignition, it should wait a little time or get off the circuit to check the engine, otherwise it is very easy to cause the engine to be scrapped. When the vehicle passes through the water smoothly, it is necessary to maintain the circuit equipment in time. The paper can wipe the circuit one by one with paper towel or dry cloth, and then start it again.

Condition two: running sideslip

The possibility of sideslip in the vehicle is more likely to appear in a rainy day. In addition to good driving habits and skills, the good condition of the brakes and tires is also the key to safe driving. Most of the car braking systems are dual pipe vacuum assisted hydraulic braking. The brake fluid with transfer power has strong water absorption. If there is water entering the brake fluid, during the braking process, the high temperature of friction will produce water vapor. The gas is compressible and compressed in the brake fluid, resulting in failure or even failure of the brake.

The solution: some of the vehicles that have severe water absorption are able to see water droplets on the brake fluid cup lid. Therefore, the brake fluid must be inspected during maintenance to ensure the safety of the occupants. Once the vehicle brake fluid is seriously absorbed, it should be sent to the professional repair shop to remove water.

in addition, if the tire wear is serious and the tread pattern is disappearing before the rainy season comes, it must be replaced. Some people reduce the tire pressure in the rainy season. The purpose is to increase the friction area between the tires and the ground, and then increase the adhesion. In fact, it is counterproductive, so it is more easy to cause the skidding of the tire. It is very important to keep the normal tire pressure.

Condition three: wiper failure

if you often drive in heavy rain, the sight is not clear. It must be the biggest hidden danger. The importance of windshield wiper is apparent. At this point, if the wipers are in a state of vibration and noise, you have to be careful, because it is likely to warn you.

The solution: the increase of rainwater in rainy season is bound to bear more responsibility for the wipers. The inspection and maintenance of wipers should be more careful. Because the rain on the road and the line of sight are not conducive to driving, if the wiper can not be very good to brush off the rain, it will bring great danger to the safety of traffic, at this time the wiper plays a very important role, so the inspection and maintenance of it should be more careful in place.

The owner of the car can put the wiper switch at various speed positions, pay attention to whether a rain brush has vibration and abnormal noise in the work, check whether the brush keeps a certain speed at different speed, observe the state of the scraping and whether the scraping rod has the phenomenon of unevenness or leakage. Any of these two faults means that the blades of the wiper blades are damaged. At this point, you can pull up the wiper and touch it with your fingers on the rubber wiper blade to see if there is any damage and elasticity. If the blades are aged, hardened or cracked, they should be replaced in time. The work of changing blades is not complicated. You can do it yourself. Remember to figure out what kind of windshield wiper blade the car uses.

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