How to give love to cars during rainy season in summer

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

· expert summer weapon: teach you how to maintain your car during rainy season.

summer is coming and rainy days are pleasant for the owners. Happy is not to need to wash the car again, the air will be a lot of refreshing, worrying is that the frequent haze weather encountered rain directly into damage car paint acid rain, the car also often has some strange taste, sometimes the car will have some minor problems, it is more frustrating. Therefore, how to learn to keep a car in wet weather is a compulsory course for everyone who loves cars.

· a beginner's rainy day driving experience.

In the rainy season, thunderstorm weather happened, a few days ago, little Liu Gang drove the third day on the road, he met the thunderstorm weather, thunder and lightning, the rain went down, the less experienced Xiao Liu was caught unprepared. He had to park the car at the door of a hotel, and then hit the car home … … face the bad weather, Many new car owners are at a loss. To this end, our reporter interviewed for driving on rainy days, to provide some reference for owners.

· vehicles in the rainy season are flooded “ wading risk ” how to invest in order to compensate.

The recent heavy rain storm in Guangdong, many cars in the garage were flooded, the latest data from the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of insurance said the total of two days received a total of “ water Baptist ” more than 13 thousand car insurance reports, the rainstorm caused losses will be up to 139 million yuan, of which car insurance accounts for nearly 90% More than 125 million yuan.

Car “ bath ” do not force to start.

Summer is a rainy season. If the drainage system in some urban areas is not very good, it is easy to make a lot of water on the road. At this time the most important principle of driving is not to let the engine enter the water. Once the water is flooded, then the car must not be forced to start, because in this case, the loss insurance company will not do it. Claim.

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