Driving 5 times higher on rainy days helps you swim over 7 times

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

“ go to Beijing and Wuhan to see ‘ Hai ’! ” since June, heavy rain has fallen everywhere in China, and the urban drainage system has been tested. The rainy season has also affected Sichuan. Yesterday morning, a heavy downpour in Chengdu caused travel inconvenience.

according to the international driving safety survey, the traffic accident rate on rainy days is about five times higher than usual. In the complex road conditions in the rain in the driving, how to see trick and take care of safety, this period “ love car 114” column, to the teacher to make a wake up, for the novice to make up a class, 7 help you “ swim ” over the rainy season.

1, when it rains, do not rush to the road

The rain in the summer, come on. When it was just raining, some drivers hurried on the road, thought early to early safety, but at the time, the adhesion of the tire was the lowest on the ground which had not been washed away by the rain and the oil stains, such as the lubricant, which isolated the tire and the ground, which resulted in a significant increase in the braking distance of the vehicles. If we speed up the road and rush to the right, we will bury more security risks.

2, do not loose the throttle when wading

it is best not to wade lightly. If you really want to wade, you can wait for the big car to go over and see the depth. If the wading depth is close to the headlights, you should be more vigilant when driving. Steady the steering wheel, drive in low gear, do not shift and stop, move slowly and evenly.

Keep in mind that the throttle should not be loose when wading. If the water enters the intake port and causes the engine to stall, it should wait for the rescue in situ. Do not try to start again. If the wading depth exceeds the engine hatch cover, it is recommended not to run again, and immediately stop the fire, otherwise it will easily happen “ the valve top &rdquo.

After the water is over, the owner can step on a few feet to brake. By doing so, the water vapor attached to the brake can be evaporated by the heat generated by the brake.

3 and rain day driving

Do not avoid left and right to see the water deposit. The two methods are very dangerous when they see water flashing or braking at once. Of course, do not go through the gullies and puddles at high speed. This will lead to splashing, which will cause the actual water depth to increase, which will easily cause the engine to enter water. And if there are pedestrians on the roadside, high speed water will also appear to be of low quality. Because of the longer braking distance of vehicles on rainy days, a safe distance should be maintained during driving.

4, Lane warning Lane

the sight is not good in the rain. There are shallow water on the road, and the lane is hard to see clearly. However, traffic regulations are not suspended because of rain. After changing the line or overtaking, the vehicles must return to the driveway. Reduce the possibility of wiping. If there is a scraping accident, the vehicle which is not in the driveway will bear the responsibility for the accident. How to judge the driveway is very important. At this point, &ldquo, &rdquo, is a good choice to follow the front car while maintaining a safe distance.

5, evade pedestrians Qi Anquan

As the pedestrian umbrella and rider wear rain cape in the rain, their sight, hearing, reaction and so on are restricted, and sometimes in order to catch the road to cross the fierce abduction, often the vehicle near panic and emergency avoidance, so that the car owner is unprepared. In this case, the owner of the car should slow down and slow down more whistle, avoid it patiently, choose a safe place to stop when necessary, and do not rush with pedestrians and bicycles to prevent pedestrians from bruising.

6, appropriate tire pressure prevention and anti skidding

Do not reduce the tire pressure on a rainy day. According to experience, some of the air inside the tire is released before driving on rainy days to flatten the tire so as to increase the contact surface, increase friction and prevent slipping. But this is not advisable. The method of reducing the gas in tires to increase the friction coefficient is very limited. When the car is braking in the rain, the most important thing is to have enough pressure to drain the rain between the tire and the road so that the car can stop. The surface area of the tyre is larger, the pressure of the surface unit area is reduced, the strength of the brake is weakened, and the rain between the tire and the ground can not be discharged quickly, which makes the sliding distance become longer.

7, fall into the mud and save oneself

when it rains on rainy days or when driving on a country road, wheels often get stuck in a mud pit. Once this happens, you can hang up a gear or reverse gear and try to gently step on the accelerator. When the car can move forward or back, keep the accelerator pedal position and slow down the muddy section at low speed. If the car can't move back and forth, the stone, brick, wood or branch can be padded before and after the driving wheel to increase the adhesion of the wheel and the ground, so that the car will open the mud smoothly.

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