After the rain has been raining, keep the car and decide not to forget it

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

When the heavy rain falls, there is no more convenient vehicle than a car, but the car is also a vehicle that is very vulnerable to bad weather. Driving on rainy days, changing outside environment, slippery roads and poor vision are all drivers must be careful.

Maintenance of the car body frequently during the rainy season

There is often a sticky substance like tar in the rain. If it is not cleaned in time, it is difficult to clear it later. The acid in the rain has a corrosive effect on the surface of the paint. It will also cause damage to the body for a long time, so it is best to maintain the car in the rainy season.

Check the wiper

The owner of the car can put the wiper switch at various speed positions, pay attention to whether there is vibration and abnormal noise in the work of rain and scraping, check whether the scraper can keep a certain speed at different speed, observe the state of the scraping and whether there is the phenomenon of unevenness or leakage of the scraping rod.

Chassis maintenance

The car that runs in the rain, the lubricating oil and so on is easily washed away by the rain, causing the chassis to be easily rusted, so we must pay attention to the cleaning and antirust treatment of the chassis.

Wading through mud small tricks to wade through the car

First, when the car is involved in water, it is necessary to ensure that the engine runs normally, the steering and braking mechanism is sensitive, and the low speed gear is hung smoothly into the water to avoid the big bombardment or the flutter to prevent the splash into the engine and extinguish.

if there is quicksand at the bottom and wheel skidding, stop immediately, and do not step on the accelerator pedal half and half. When the engine is not extinguished, people will be pushed out to avoid deeper and deeper.

Road through muddy ground

after the heavy rain, the muddy mud and mud on the sandy soil often become muddy and difficult. In case of falling into the sand, do not step on the accelerator, otherwise driving the wheels will only cause the car to sink deeper and deeper. At this time, if there is no jack or other wheel of the cushion, the amount of air in the skidding tire can be released, and the ground area of the tire will increase naturally after the tire pressure is reduced. And then slowly refueling, most of them can pass smoothly. After passing through the mud, immediately to the nearest one side of the tire skidding, then lightly pull the brake to increase the throttle, which makes it possible to easily get out of the mud.

Common malfunction skillfully excludes sideslip

most of the car braking systems are dual pipe vacuum assisted hydraulic braking. If there is water entering the brake fluid, during the braking process, the high temperature of friction will produce water vapor, which is compressed in the brake fluid, resulting in brake failure.

some of the vehicles that have severe water absorption are able to see water droplets on the brake fluid cup lid. Therefore, the brake fluid must be checked during maintenance so as to ensure the safety of the occupants. Once the vehicle brake fluid is seriously absorbed, it should be sent to the professional repair shop to remove water.

in addition, if the tire wear is serious and the tread pattern is disappearing before the rainy season comes, it must be replaced. Some people will reduce the tire pressure during the rainy season. It is not easy to know that this way is easier to cause tire slippage, so keep the normal tire pressure.

When the heavy rain falls, there is no more convenient vehicle than a car, but the car is also a vehicle that is very vulnerable to bad weather. Driving on rainy days, changing outside environment, slippery roads and poor vision are all drivers must be careful.

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