It is important to have clear vision on rainy days

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

The rainy season is coming, the car is usually shelved for a long time. The car mainly pays attention to the rain wiper in sunny days. In the rainy day, it becomes the owner's eye. If the wiper does not work well, the safety of your driving will be a hidden danger! Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance and replacement of rain brushes.

Maintenance of the wiper

please remember that every time you wash the car, besides cleaning the glass. It is also better to wipe the wiper blade with glass cleaning fluid, so that the life of the wiper will be longer. If it is cleaned by the car wash shop, remind the clerk to do the job for you.

don't forget to leave time for the wipers when doing all the maintenance. The wiper switch is placed at various speed positions to check whether it is normal to work at different speeds and raining scraps. At the same time, pay attention to whether the speed and swinging are uneven when the water scraping. If you have, you can do it yourself, clean the wiper blade with a cleaning cloth, then rinse with water. If the situation has not yet improved, it means that the wiper or rubber bar should be replaced.

in addition, when checking, we should pay attention to whether there is any vibration and abnormal sound in the work.

Replacement method of wiper DIY

in fact, the work of replacing wiper is simple. If the owner knows the basic operation steps, it will soon be installed successfully. Here it is FAW Volkswagen as an example, the steps to replace a boneless wiper are described.

step 1: open the hood of the engine to replace the wiper.

Step second: set up the wipers that need to be replaced, then press the square buckle on the connection vigorously.

Step third: force the boneless wipers away from the wiper arm.

Step fourth: install the new rain brush in accordance with the above opposite steps.

when you replace a wiper in a beauty salon, you might as well pay close attention to the operation of your master, and try it several times when you go home.

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