In the rainy weather, it is often strange to wash cars and train drivers frequently

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How to take care of the car in the rainy season? We need to know the following ways to support a car.

Method 1: wash the car on rainy days

It rained for the last few days. Why did the car wash? Wash it again after the day is clear. In fact, this is not correct, and it is also necessary to wash the car on rainy days. Car wash is not only because of vehicle dirty, but also to protect vehicle paint. If you pay careful attention after rain, some cars will be drizzle after rain. This is because the owners who pay attention to the car often wash the car, remove the dust attached to the surface of the car paint, tar, resin and so on, and keep the paint smooth, so the rain will be condensed into water. If a layer of oil protective film is applied on the lacquer surface, it can prevent the rain from corroding the paint directly. On the contrary, some cars drizzle on the lacquer surface. This is because the car owners do not love to wash the car, the volume of a thick layer of dust, the rain will be a layer of mud, mud can absorb water, making rain water directly on the surface of a layer of water film, in addition to more and more dirty, it will accelerate acid rain erosion body surface. Therefore, frequent car wash can not only keep the car clean, but also protect the paint.

why do you also have to wash the car on rainy days? In fact, on the rainy day, the body is covered with a layer of soil. This layer of soil is wrapped in a fine sand paper on the body. Once there is friction, it is like grinding the car paint with sand paper. In addition, the rain contains all kinds of harmful substances and is sucked to the left by the sediment. Acid rain will easily corrode the car paint. Third, after the rain, the mud water in the body will increase the surface temperature of the vehicle when exposed to sunlight, and the surface of the paint will be corroded bit by bit. So, the idea has changed. Even if it rains, wash the car frequently.

Method two: wax before rain often waxes

vehicle maintenance is especially important on rainy days, especially for rain after rain. The wax coating before rain can produce a protective film to play a sealing role to prevent the rain from causing acid corrosion to vehicle paint.

in the rainy season, it is better to paint the car for one time, or at least two times a month. It is possible to select the enamel or coating of the lacquer surface. After sealing the glaze, it will form a netted protective film, which greatly improves the gloss of the original vehicle and can also reduce the damage of acid substances to vehicle paints.

The unique ingredients in the film protection wax can effectively resist ultraviolet, acid rain, electrostatic dust, water stains and so on. The wax film after wax looks brighter. Waxing should be classified according to the different film, wax classification, otherwise it will backfire. If you can't distinguish the functions of all kinds of wax, you can go to the professional shop to waxing. Do not waxed at the roadside shop.

The repair of lacquer film damage should be carried out. Slight scratches can be repaired at the car beauty shop, fast, and good quality; if some heavier traumatic scratches, it is necessary to go to a car repair shop. They are asked to use the necessary paints to repair and polish wax, so as to avoid adverse consequences due to the use of unfinished paints.

A day of rain down, the body in addition to mud, also often have asphalt such as sticky substances, if not cleaned in time, long and long and very easy to firmly attached to the car shell, difficult to clear. Pay attention to the bottom and bottom of the vehicle. The dirt pile up here is the most difficult to clean and easy to rust or hurt the paint.

Method three: it is best not to cover the car

Car park in the outdoor, if it meets the windy and rainy weather, the inner layer of the car will repeatedly draw the car paint, especially if the car is blown into the sand, it will draw numerous fine scratches on the body, and a long time will cause the lacquer surface. In addition, do not clean the body of sand directly with a duster or cloth after wind sand, and should be washed with clean water, as well as to prevent the sand from the duster and the cloth on the duster to scratch the surface.

if there is a scratch, how should we deal with it according to &ldquo and &rdquo?

first, at high speed, even the smoke and dust in the air can cause slight scratches on the surface of the paint.

such scratches can be removed easily by wax with finely grind agents. In addition, some hard objects gently cross the body, leaving a clear scar on the car paint, but carefully, it will find the scar is very shallow, which only hurt the transparent layer of the surface of the car paint. Using fine or medium cut grinding wax, the molecules on the surface paint of the car were listed, and the surface paint on the side was moved to repair the wound.

More serious scratches, the direct injury to the color paint layer, the purchase of a copy of the same color paint pen, at any time can repair the injury, on the one hand, beautiful, on the other hand, to protect the car paint from deeper corrosion and harm.

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