How to maintain wet weather is very important in rainy days

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It is a rainy season in summer. The storm brought the owners together with the car. Although the rainy season has brought us a lot of inconvenience, it also enhanced the awareness of vehicle owners' maintenance. In fact, Che Tong “ human ” usually we take a little more care of it, pay attention to beauty and care, so the anti-aging effect of the car will be better. Reporters interviewed some professionals, summed up several vehicle owners in the rainy season.

1, rain day washing car protection car paint

many car owners believe that when the dust on the surface of the vehicle is washed away by rain, the trouble of car washing is eliminated. But in fact, if it does not wash the car in time, it will cause great damage to vehicle paints. Therefore, vehicle cleaning after rain is more important than ever. The rain often contains impurities and acid, the vehicle is wet after the rain, long time does not clean, acid will corrode the most appearance of the bright film of the car paint, the paint will instantly become eclipsed. In addition, the rain is mixed with some invisible asphalt fines, dirt, dirt and so on. It is also easy to adsorb on the car body lacquer. The dirt will generate a lot of oxides after the sun is exposed. After a long time, it will leave an indelible scar on the surface of the paint. Therefore, it is suggested that car owners should wash their vehicles in time after rain.

2, dehumidification and bacteria removal in the car

in summer, it is hot and humid in the rainy season. It is easy to breed germs. In the enclosed space, it becomes a hotbed of germ breeding. Therefore, the work of dehumidification and sterilization should be started immediately after the rain stops, especially for families with children.

Suggestion: we can find a cool and ventilated place and open all the doors, so that the moisture in the vehicle can be eliminated in time. Then remove the pedal pad and seat cover of the vehicle and wash it.

vehicle sterilization methods usually adopt two ways: ozone disinfection and photocatalyst sterilization. The general ozone disinfection method is simple and inexpensive, and can be provided free of charge in many cleaning vehicles. The price of photocatalyst is much more expensive, but the sterilization effect is also better, the cost is about 300 yuan. The principle of photocatalyst is to decompose harmful substances in the vehicle by oxidizing the strong radicals, so as to achieve the function of purifying the air. Because most of the bacteria can be thoroughly decomposed, it can effectively inhibit the spread of pathogens such as enterovirus and influenza. In addition, it can also decompose harmful gases in the air, so as to achieve the effect of purifying air, deodorizing and mildew prevention. Air conditioning after the rain often has a mildew flavor, in order to eliminate this flavor, there is a simple way to open the air conditioning warm air to the maximum, take turns using a variety of wind mode, blowing 15 minutes or so. When the air conditioner works, the temperature of the outlet can reach 40 -50 C, so the hot hot air can be evaporated to remove mildew.

3, the overall &ldquo of the maintenance station; physical examination ”

after heavy rain, no matter whether the vehicle is abnormal or not, it is best to arrive.4S store A total of “ physical examination ” Because some hidden dangers can not be found on the spot, but the potential hazards to cars are not the same. For example, heavy rain can easily make some leaves, dust and other drainage holes attached to the heat dissipation system or engine hatch cover. If they are not cleaned in time, the efficiency of the heat dissipation system will be reduced and the mechanical failure can be caused. So, after the rain, look at the position of the inlet of the engine compartment and the cockpit and the water in the grooves on both sides of the left and right winged plates. If there is water, it can be rinsed into the air hole with water and dredge the waterway to ensure the best working condition of the vehicle.

After the rain Car because multiple irrigation may affect the performance of certain parts of the vehicle, serious causes can not be opened normally. For example, a circuit may cause short circuit after encountering water, which can easily cause the engine to be scrapped. Many owners often find the vehicle short circuit more than a week after driving on rainy days. Therefore, when we wade on rainy days, even if the engine works normally, it is suggested that we should deal with the circuit equipment in time at the maintenance station. For example, if the circuit is dried or dried, it will be started and preheated again. In addition, it is also important to check the brake system. Because the brake system has a very strong adsorption force, the rain is very easy to enter the brake fluid, which will affect the braking effect, the serious possible cause of brake failure, it is suggested to check after the rain to the professional maintenance shop, in order to prevent future trouble.

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