There are risks in driving in the rain to ensure safety. Four points should be paid attention to

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when the rainy season comes, many novice will also welcome the first stroll in the rain. There are still some risks in driving in the rain. In conclusion, there are several points for attention.

1. makes it safe for yourself

thunderstorms are usually dark and gloomy. If you want to ensure your own safety, you must make your vehicles easy to find. The simplest and most effective way is to turn on the headlights. This is a problem that novice people tend to overlook. But because of the rapid drop in visibility on rainy days, it is the most safe self protection to remind others of the lights on their cars. The light combination mode can be selected according to the size of the rain. The light rain can open the light. When the weather is dark, the headlights are opened. If it is a heavy rain, it is suggested that the double flashes and fog lamps should be opened for the warning of others because of the barrier effect of the rain.

2. makes others feel relieved

reducing vehicle speed is the most critical point in driving in the rain. Rain will reduce the friction between the tire and the ground, which will reduce the sensitivity of the brake system. So, in the rain, you can't start to stop in a hurry. You'll find that when you start, the ESP lights in the car are easier to be lighted, and the braking distance is also increasing, with the work of ABS. Reducing the speed is equal to the driver's judgment time, the safety is the first, the increase of attention, low speed, constant speed is the law of driving in the rain.

how.3. wade into water

Once seen the performance of a young man driving through the water block, he saw that he increased the accelerator and rushed into the water area, but regrettably, not a few seconds, the car would not move, and later he had to find someone to pull the car out. The man next to him said that the young man was a novice and didn't know how to get through the catchment area. The old drivers know that when driving in the water area, they should use low speed gears, and try not to stop or shift gears as far as possible. If the engine is flameout in the water and can not be forced to start with a cart or motor, it is necessary to quickly think of a way to pull the car out of the water, unload the spark plug, and start the engine to drain the water from the engine. If the water depth exceeds half the height of the wheel, or when the water depth is submerged by the exhaust muffler, the only thing you can do at this time is a detour.

4. closed window

Do not follow a heavy truck or bus in the rain. The splash of the splash will blur your front window and let you see nothing in a short time. It is very dangerous. At the same time, it is also important to pay attention to the fog in the car window. Because of the difference of temperature and humidity inside and outside the car, the fog on the window will be diffused at any time. This requires you to open the air conditioner in the shortest time and let the dry air run up to achieve the effect of eliminating the fog.

If the rookie friend is not very good in driving technology and road sense, it is suggested that it should not go on the road when the heavy rain is pouring. Not only is it unsafe, but your little mistake may also cause accidents of other vehicles. Even the old driver should follow the principle of increasing the distance between cars and braking at a low speed, and stroll in the rain together in peace.

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