Too many insect corpses, how to solve the problem that the car wiper brush is not clean?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

how to solve the problem of scraping the car wipers and how to solve the problem of scraping the rain.

the reason why scratching is not clean: there are mainly invisible dirt on the glass.

First, the car stops in the central air conditioning cooling tower of the lower air head, the cooling tower will tear the water after the particles sprinkled on the glass to form a white spot, after dry, it is difficult to thoroughly remove;

two. The car stops under the tree, and the mucus secreted by insects sticks to the glass.

Three is the mucus of insect corpses crashed by long-distance running at high speed.

because these things stick to the glass, water and cloth are difficult to remove completely (just can not see), forming uneven surfaces on the glass. In this way, when the wiper is used, there will be no scratching on the glass.

Treatment measures: wet the glass and gently touch it on the glass. If the glass surface is not smooth, there is a foreign body. After cleaning, you can try to wipe it with warm water a few times, and then use the hand gently rub, can also use the newspaper, the hard to clear the dirt a little bit by little, the effect is good, after the water washed, then touch the glass, very smooth, open the wiper and try, it will be very clean.

The above experience is not necessarily suitable for other front gear shaving. If there is no unequal feeling after the glass is on the glass, it may have to change the raining scraper.

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