Car maintenance key points seasonal changes, cars should be carefully examined

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

check out the hidden danger of parts

seasonal changes will have certain effects on the components inside the vehicle, especially thermal expansion, cold shrinkage and rain erosion, which will easily lead to deformation and aging of parts. The timely inspection of parts inside the vehicle can eliminate hidden dangers.

First, check the fastness of the bolts and nuts connected in the car. The loosened bolts should be fastened in time to ensure that they have enough pretightening force, but they can not be tightened too tight. If tightened, on one hand, it will cause permanent deformation of the connector under external force; on the other hand, it will cause the permanent deformation of the bolt, and the pretension will decrease, even cause the slipping or breaking. In addition, spring should always check the brake fluid, because it has a very strong water absorption, if the rain enters the brake fluid carefully, during the braking process, the high temperature produced by the friction will vaporize the water, and the water vapor is compressed in the brake fluid, which will cause the brake failure. In particular, some brake fluids absorb water more seriously, and they can see water droplets on the cover of the brake fluid oil cup.

Check air conditioning for use in spring

Come in the summer and check in advance. Car the air conditioning system is necessary for the weather to suddenly become hot.

the automotive air conditioning system is mainly composed of compressors, condensers, evaporators and refrigerants, which make use of the constant abnormal circulation of refrigerants to achieve the effect of refrigeration. Therefore, check the air conditioning system should first check whether the compressor belt is in tension, such as belt relaxation, should be immediately tightened, or the output power of the compressor will be discounted. Then check the condenser fan whether there is sand or stone, if there is, should be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will affect the condenser heat dissipation, so that the cooling effect will be reduced. Then check whether the appearance of the hose of the refrigeration system is normal, whether the joints of each component are securely connected, and whether the system pipeline is colliding with other components. But some parts can not judge whether it has a problem from the appearance, so check the air conditioning system should start 10 minutes normally, feel the compressor inlet and outlet temperature difference is normal, listen to the compressor, condenser has no normal noise, smell the cold wind sent out of the air outlet mixed smell. If there are any problems mentioned above, it is better for professional technicians to repair them.

Check the details

although most people usually protect their cars, it is necessary to check the details of vehicles during the season.

First, check whether the tire pressure is normal and balanced, when the tire pressure is not balanced, the vehicle is easy to run off and even blowout. So, before the weather becomes hot, we should ask the maintenance technician to check the tire pressure and make up the gas or leveling according to the situation; secondly, check whether there is water in the floor of the floor of the car and the rubber cushion. The following grooves, through the hole are very many, the rain more season, often have water residue in the groove, it is easy to flow from the hole to the gearbox and other parts to make the gearbox rust, if there is water, it is best to wipe clean with a rag; finally, carefully look at the gloss of a body surface, because the north is north. Wind sand is bigger, easy to cause slight damage to the paint surface, so when the lacquer surface lacks luster, we must wax or seal glaze treatment in time.

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