Novice must see: what configuration should be cleaned in winter for car maintenance?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-16

After a summer, one fall, the rain in the rain acid corrosion and the direct summer strong light, make the car paints will inevitably be oxidized, in the change of season, you better for the car from cleaning, polishing to wax, glaze or coating a series of cosmetic maintenance.

Polishing wax for “ new coat ”

After a summer, the corrosion of rain in the rain and the direct of the summer strong light, the automobile paint will inevitably be oxidized. In the change of season, you should do a series of cosmetic maintenance from cleaning, polishing to wax, glaze, or coating for the love car.

In addition, the winter morning, more dew, the surface of the car is often very wet, if your car surface has obvious scratches, it should be done in time to spray paint treatment, so as not to scratch the scratches and rust.

Supplemental air pressure wear “ new shoes ”

tire is like the &ldquo of a car; foot ” it plays a decisive role in the safe driving of vehicles. In summer, as the temperature is high, the tire pressure can not be too high to prevent the tire burst, and in winter, the tire should supplement the air pressure to keep it in the specified pressure range because of the relatively low temperature.

At the same time, it should also be checked whether the tire has scratches, because the rubber is easy to become brittle in the autumn and winter, and the tire is easy to leak and even tie the tire. In addition, it is necessary to clean up the inclusions in the tread.

The season oil is &ldquo, and the autumn fat is ”

in autumn and winter, automobiles have higher requirements for motor oil. At this time, we should choose the multi label oil used in winter or all the year round, and should choose the pure brand of high quality oil, and do not greedy for the cheap use of fake oil. Generally speaking, at least SF or SG grade multi label high quality oil should be selected to suit winter use. In addition, different grades of oil should not be mixed. The single standard oil can not be used completely because of the limitation of the viscosity range. It can only be used within its prescribed mixing range.

in daily driving, especially before driving long distance trips, check the oil level and ensure that it does not lose oil, so that it can run normally. The mileage of general oil change is 7000— 8000 km. If the vehicle runs in cold areas with high dust and high pollution and temperatures below 20 degrees, it is necessary to shorten the oil mileage appropriately.

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