Automotive windshield wiper maintenance tips first spray glass water to avoid dry scraping

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A good view is an important guarantee for the normal driving of a vehicle. Then how can we ensure a good view? In simple terms, there are two conditions: 1. sufficient glass water; 2. normally open / close a wiper. And the rubber part of the wiper is well maintained, which is directly related to the effect of its work, and the rubber has the problem of aging, specifically embrittlement and deformation, embrittlement then broken or deformed, which is the reason why the rain can not be scratching normally. Most of the scrapers leave water stains due to the above reasons. For this reason, the rubber of the wiper should be carefully maintained.

A good view is an important guarantee for the normal driving of the vehicle. As far as the wiper is concerned, there are two conditions that can not be less: 1. sufficient glass water; 2. normally open / close the wiper.

Maintenance of the wiper

Do not forget the wiper

although the windshield wipers are on the windshield, it is easy for people to turn a blind eye to their daily maintenance. The maintenance method of the scraper is very simple. In addition to cleaning glass windows, it is also best to wipe the wiper blade with glass cleaning fluid, so that the life of the wiper will be longer.

If it is cleaned by the car wash shop, you can remind the shop assistant to do this work for you, put the wiper switch at various speed positions, and check whether the rain and rain can keep a certain speed at different speeds. The other is to check the state of water scraping, and whether there is a phenomenon of uneven or leaky scraping. Any of these two faults means that the blades are damaged. In addition, we should pay attention to whether there is any vibration and abnormal sound in the rain.

Avoid wiper wiper

some drivers want to clean up the dirt and dust on the glass through the wiper before driving on the road. If you want to clean the dust on the glass, it's better to spray the water first. You can lift the wiper many times and let the glass water do not scratch it. When the glass is moist enough, it will not scrape the wiper rubber.

Of course, it is best to brush the dust on the glass with chicken hair and repeat the above action, because even if the glass is wet enough, the yarn on the glass will also damage the rubber of the wiper.

Pay more attention to the use of the car

If the wiper lifespan is longer, it is better to avoid long exposure to the sun in the sun, and one thing to note is that many owners often only open the rain when they find the dust on the glass. In fact, it will damage the scraps and the scraps. Car glass, so before opening, you might as well spray some cleaning liquid first. Of course, manual cleaning is better.

Maintenance of the wiper should also pay attention to the maintenance of a good car sprinkler system: adding neutral, decontamination, lubricated cleaning agent; bad cleaning liquid will corrode the spray system, wiper and automotive finish. Water filling in time to avoid the air jet motor empty.

Far away from oil pollution

this problem is well understood, because oil stains on the glass can be condensed into water droplets after water. Similarly, windscreen or wiper will not clean the rain if it accidentally touches oil stains. Although the wiper is on the windshield, it is easy to keep a blind eye on daily maintenance. If there are oil stains on the glass, it is better to wipe the scraper and glass with glass cleaning liquid when washing the car.

Periodic inspection

This is the so-called "preparedness", check the wiper switch at various speed positions at inspection, check the speed of different speed and rain or not; check the phenomenon of uneven swinging or leakage of the scraper, and any one of the two failures, which means that the wiper blade is damaged. It is to start the rain, notice whether it moves smoothly, whether there is a larger sound, if the sound is too large, it means that the wiper is overpressing to the glass, it must be properly adjusted.

When the wiper has finished one to two days, see if there is water left on the windshield, and see if there will be any scratches. If you see the scratch clearly, it means that the scraper on the wiper is aging and a new strip should be replaced. Finally, check the wiper, touch the rubber sheet with your finger to see if there is any damage and the elasticity of the rubber leaves. If the blade is aging, hardening, and cracks, it should be replaced in time.

when the wiper is not used normally, the key is to replace the rubber strip on the wiper blade. Most of the rubber strips are worn, worn or cracked when they are used too long. Especially when fouling occurs, dirt will be lowered between the rubber strip and the glass, which will further reduce the performance of the wiper.

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