Autumn maintenance focuses on the five core parts of love cars

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-15

Key one: body — not just for beauty.

car body lacquer surface not only plays a beautiful role, but also plays a role in protecting the body. After a summer sun exposure, plus the golden week self driving tour, the paint will be damaged to varying degrees. In autumn, the dew is heavy, the rain is more, the surface of the car is very wet, if there are obvious scratches on the surface of the car, we can quickly solve it by the opportunity of comprehensive maintenance, so as not to accelerate corrosion under wet conditions, “ the wound ” worsen. Therefore, the first step of autumn maintenance is to clean, polish and wax the surface of the car.

Key two: tire — timely inflation, tire pressure protection

experienced vehicle drivers will release a little tire pressure during summer driving, so as to prevent the high temperature and the risk of tire bursts. In autumn, the temperature is relatively low. Tire pressure should be added to maintain the required pressure range. It is better to prepare a barometer, test the tire pressure regularly, and inflate in time when the tire pressure is insufficient.

Autumn is coming, the rain and frost weather rise more, the wet surface of the road also requires that the tire can keep enough friction. If the tire surface is badly worn, the new tire should be replaced in time, and the tires have been repaired many times as much as possible. When it is cold, the rubber tire becomes brittle and brittle. It reduces the coefficient of friction and is easy to leak and tie the tire. Even if the new tire is replaced, it is necessary to clean up the sundries in the pattern of the surface of the tire and check whether there are scratches and drums.

Key three: engine — check oil brake oil antifreeze.

after the engine has been used for a period of time, especially the car that has experienced long-distance driving, the inner part of the engine will deposit a layer of oil sludge. A long time will cause engine fuel consumption to increase, power to reduce, and even damage the engine. During the season, the engine should be cleaned.

at the same time, we should check the engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze fluid in the engine compartment. We should add the defective ones in time to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. In summer, many owners are accustomed to using water instead of antifreeze. At this time, remember to change the water into antifreeze. In addition, the replacement period of antifreeze is two years, and the refrigerating fluid that has passed the replacement period should be replaced in time.

Focus four: battery — carefully connect green oxide.

The battery is the easiest place to go out in the fall. If it doesn't work properly, the engine will follow the problem and wait until it's late. Greater China Automotive []: battery will not discharge naturally for a long time. Overload will also affect the effect. In addition, the electrode junction of the battery will generate green oxide when it is aging. These green oxides will cause insufficient power of the engine. If there is green deposit at the junction of the battery, wash it away with boiling water and blow dry. Spray the protective agent used to prevent the oxide layer from being protected.

Key five: air conditioning — better go to professional shop maintenance.

The hot summer for a long time in the stage of overloading the air conditioning, condensers and water tank condensing network have gathered a lot of impurities, not timely clean up, will shorten the life of air conditioning, and easy to breed bacteria, causing the odor in the car to produce mildew. If the air conditioning filter is too dirty, it is best to replace the new one, and the effect will be greatly enhanced. The cleaning and disassembly of the air conditioner is a little high in the requirements of the technology and tools. If there is an inadvertent cause of internal parts deformation, it is suggested that the owner of the car should go to the car maintenance and repair shop, and the professional workers should be cleaned.

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